CES 2023 – 3 unusual products presented by start-up French Tech

French Technology - CES

More than 200 French start-ups are traveling to Las Vegas for the 2023 edition of CES.

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At CES in Las Vegas, there’s something for everyone. If the show occasionally features revolutionary products, it’s also an excellent place where one finds the unusual or strange object in spades. French Tech isn’t the last in this exercise. After walking the aisles of Eureka Park and the Las Vegas Convention Center, here are three products from the French start-up that caught our attention.

U-Scan, the urinalysis lab linked to Withings

Withings U Scan

The introductory price is €499.95

Withings U Scan

In the absence of offers find

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After offering connected watches and scales, or even blood pressure monitors, Withings distinguished itself during this CES 2023 by launching a connected urine analysis lab to hang from its toilet bowl. Called a U-Scan, the device can analyze several biomarkers, such as pH, specific gravity, levels of vitamin C, and ketones, to enhance a user’s daily health monitoring.

U-Scan - Withings

U-Scan will be marketed from the second quarter of 2023 in Europe.

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To achieve this feat, a French company has developed a reader, equipped with a low-energy radar sensor, for identification “signature” one’s own urine flow (speed, distance, dispersion, etc.). Each sample is then sent to one of the small capsules of a cylindrical cartridge contained in the object for reading by an optical sensor. The results are sent via Wi-Fi to the app which is responsible for interpreting them and then providing the user with a detailed analysis. The U-Scan then cleans itself when the toilet flushes.

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The product, which required four years of research and development, will be marketed from the second quarter of 2023 in Europe at a price of €499.95 as a starter kit (with a cartridge that includes 3 months of measurement). For its debut in this new business segment, Withings is offering two special cartridges: the U-Scan Nutri Balance, to provide information and metabolic advice on hydration and nutrition; and U-Scan Cycle Sync, to track and synchronize a woman’s menstrual cycle. Before maybe additional use in a few months…

AtmosGear Electric Slide

After the electric scooters that invaded urban areas, both good and especially bad, are electric skates going to be democratized so soon? However, French start-up AtmosGear believes in it and presented at CES its roller driven by its motorized plate. It is controlled by remote control, which allows the user to increase the top speed up to 25 km/h, or even 40 km/h for the fastest version! However, you don’t have to go too fast to end up on the ground, we’ve seen some serious falls with these electric assisted rollers in Las Vegas…

Interestingly, the engine recharges while coasting. According to the company, the motorized stage has a range of 20 km or 4 to 5 hours of use. Meanwhile, for a full charge, it takes between 3 to 4 hours. For now, AtmosGear is aiming for 200 pre-orders for its products. But this French startup is already looking beyond: they have set a goal of selling more than 100,000 pairs of skates worldwide by 2026!


AtmosGear hopes to sell more than 100,000 pairs of electric skates worldwide by 2026.

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Lizia, accessories to enhance reading comfort

We end our little overview of this unusual product with a gadget that book lovers might find interesting. And for good reason, Breton start-up Lizia, the fruit of the imagination of two students from Insa Rennes, has created a small accessory for three uses around reading: holding a book in one hand, illuminating the page with a warm light, and for making bookmarks after a session. reading finished.


Lizia offers 3 in 1 accessories to make reading more enjoyable.

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This little thing has a battery life of 5 hours and is recharged via a micro-USB cable. In the end, maybe the best ideas are the simplest. You be the judge.

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