Air conditioner hanging on the wall… A bicycle under the table… Back to the future as we saw it in the Las Vegas show

2023, the year CES returns? After the 2021 edition at a distance due to the pandemic, the 2022 gathering and its booth empty of exhibitors due to the sudden return of the Covid outbreak, the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show takes on a new color.

Held in Las Vegas from Thursday to Sunday, the world’s largest electronics expo features 3,000 exhibitors (including 1,000 start-ups), 170 representatives from French Tech, and expects 100,000 visitors in its 18-acre booth (against 175,000 before Covid).

Without major technological breakthroughs, electronic shows have something to dream about while projecting us into a universe that’s a little more responsible. 20 minutes go shopping there and check out some of the new products for today and tomorrow… or even the day after tomorrow!

Energy-efficient air conditioning makes up for the décor: ArtCool by LG

After the TV is hung on the wall like a painting, place the air conditioner as a decoration! The name: ArtCool. Reversible (cools and heats the air, depending on the season), this LG product disappears into the room. No more unsightly bulky white plastic blocks hanging from walls, make way for devices hidden behind a 27-inch (68.5 cm) screen that can display photos, to be selected in the app from the gallery of works, but also your pictures alone .

Look for AC… It’s on the 27-inch LG Art’Cool display. -LG.

An idea largely inspired by Samsung Frame televisions… According to the manufacturer, ArtCool air conditioners consume up to 70% less electricity than conventional air conditioners and emit only 20 decibels. Availability and price have not been disclosed.

Offices that also play: Acer eKinekt BD 3

Whistling while working? We know! But now Acer offers us to pedal while working, with its eKinekt BD 3! This recycled plastic bicycle table allows you to avoid prolonged inactivity in front of a computer screen and work while exercising.

The Acer eKinekt BD 3 bicycle table will be launched in June 2023.
Acer’s eKinekt BD 3 desktop bike will launch in June 2023. – Acer

Better: the energy generated by your efforts recharges the batteries of your electronic gadgets which can be plugged into any of the machine’s three USB sockets (2x USB-A and 1x USB-C). One hour pedaling at a slow speed (60 rpm), according to Acer, will produce 75 watts of electricity. eKinekt BD 3 can be launched in June 2023 for 999 euros.

The oven for live streaming your delicious food: Bespoke AI Oven from Samsung

Connected ovens are nothing new. Who has a camera to watch lazily and remotely cook galette des rois. But with Bespoke AI Oven, Samsung goes a step further thanks to artificial intelligence.

Oven with built-in camera and artificial intelligence Bespoke AI Oven from Samsung.
Oven with built-in camera and artificial intelligence Bespoke AI Oven from Samsung. -Samsung

Capable of identifying up to 80 dishes, this new oven, which will launch in the third quarter of 2023, can instantly tell you the ideal temperature, the required cooking time and let you know if your dish is about to burn. The height of connectivity, the Bespoke AI Oven will even be able to live share and log in Stream on social networks cook your dish! We enjoyed it first…

Glasses replacing television: TCL’s Nxtwear S

Many manufacturers, such as Sony, have been breaking their teeth on the concept of display glasses, which could replace televisions.

TCL's Nxtwear S glasses simulate a 3.3 meter diagonal screen
TCL’s Nxtwear S glasses simulate a 3.3 meter diagonal screen – TCL

With its Nxtwear S, TCL is once again rising to the challenge with glasses equipped with dual 1080p microLED displays capable of simulating the vision of a 130” HD screen (3.3 meters diagonal) at 4 meters. … And on- the onboard stereo speakers give the impression of being in a movie theater! The Nxtwear S is expected to arrive in Europe in the first quarter of 2023 for 499 euros, but it stays connected, therefore initially suitable for home use.

Robots straight from a anime : Miroki from Enchanted Tools

Like straight from a anime The Japanese, robot Miroki wants to “relaunch the French humanoid robot”. Launched by French company Enchanted Tools, founded in 2021 by Jérôme Monceaux (co-creator of Aldebaran’s Pepper robot), according to its creators, this tiny robot wants to “re-enchant the world, not demean it”.

Measuring 1.23 meters for 28 kg, Miroki wants to find its place in hospitals, nursing homes, airports… and aims to free personnel from the tedious task of carrying loads of up to 3 kg. Mounted on a rolling globe that allows it to move, the robot with 8 hours of autonomy and interactive facial expressions is still in its prototype stage. Its marketing is expected from 2025… for 30,000 euros, for anyone who wants to adopt it.

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