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LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP French President Emmanuel Macron delivers New Year greetings to health workers at the Center Hospitalier Sud Francilien Hospital in the city of Corbeil-Essonnes on the outskirts of Paris on January 6, 2023. (Photo by Ludovic MARIN / POOL / AFP)


President Emmanuel Macron revealed his health plan during his wish to the nursing staff, Friday 6 January, at the Corbeille-Essonnes hospital.

HEALTH – Change for the medical world. Visiting the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital center to convey his wishes to the nursing staff this Friday, January 6, President Emmanuel Macron launched a series of measures to reorganize work in hospitals and the world of healthcare. “in the month of June”.

After two years marked by the Covid-19 crisis, the situation has never looked so bad in the healthcare world. Overwhelmed emergencies, closed or congested medical practices, mobilized laboratories, doctors on strike… Crisis follow one another and the malaise always runs deeper for the nursing staff. “I know the personal and collective exhaustion, the sometimes sense of loss of meaning that has arisen, the feeling deep down inside of moving from one crisis to another”, he admitted.

It is hoped that in turn, the Head of State would like to salute the dedication of the nursing staff and underline it “national pride” that they “raise by their efforts”. He then defines the course to take for the next few years, even if he says he’s well aware of the fact that there isn’t “magic recipe”. Below is an overview of the steps announced by Emmanuel Macron on Friday.

  • Get out of the fee-for-service at the hospital

Emmanuel Macron announced “ GO OUT ” pure and simple of activity-based pricing (T2A) which was so derided in hospitals from the next Social Security budget. This exit will be made for the benefit of financing on “ public health goals”negotiated” on a regional scale ».

“For public hospitals, there must be a section on remuneration arrangements based on public health goals that are negotiated on a regional scale”said the head of state.

  • A new way of running a hospital

tandem” administrative and medical » will be introduced to the management of French hospitals. “For a very long time, we said “it should not be nurses who run hospitals, it should be administrators”. After we said the problem was the administrator in charge. I want us to be able to (…) put an administrative and medical tandem at the head of our hospital, a real tandem by project ”explained Emmanuel Macron.

  • Increase the number of medical assistants to 10,000 by the end of 2024

Emmanuel Macron also promised“accelerating recruitment of medical assistants” made in 2018 to wear it from “ nearly 4,000″ currently in “ 10,000 by the end of next year”. The goal: it it frees up medical time” for caregivers to follow their patients, according to the Elysee tenants.

  • More nurses in the hospital

Emphasizing that the open space for nursing competitions has increased by “ more than 20% in three years”The Head of State promised to go further ” to facilitate the recruitment of nurses to the hospital.

But he expressed the need to work on a study organization, which too many students had abandoned, and advocated “ more accountable system” at the end of the course, for the nurse to stay in the hospital.

  • 35 hours, remuneration of city doctors and chronic diseases…

More generally, Emmanuel Macron intends to reorganize work in hospitals to make them more attractive. This, he said, required better planning of working hours, and therefore an ending of 35 hours in the hospital. A model he considered too restrictive, and would not work “only with overtime”.

The Head of State also wants pay better » city ​​doctor who ensures permanent care through guards and “ caring for new patients »so the French It’s easy to find a doctor on duty. However, he did not comment on the increase in consulting prices.

Lastly, all patients who have a chronic illness and currently do not have a treating physician will be offered “ before the end of the year”he assures, referring to “ 600,000 patients » worry.

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