“We are leaning towards bribery crimes, where our daughter will suffer collateral damage”

Retracted features, red eyes, Patrick Hoorelbeke and Emilie Cardré shows great dignity in the face of nightmares. Despite unrelenting requests, the couple once again opened the front door of their farmhouse in Thairé (Charente-Maritime). Tired, Leslie’s father and co chain of cigarettes and coffee so as not to sink into sleep and despair. Are looking for a phone call or information that can help them move forward in this desert of misunderstanding. Near’a month and a half after the disappearance of 22 year old young entrepreneur and Kevin
her new boyfriend, 21 years old.

After the beating
organized by Karine Prat, mother-in-law of Kevin Trompat (in the absence of his father who was imprisoned for acts of violence) in Prahecq (Deux-Sèvres), Emilie Cardré and Patrick Hoorelbeke confided in French Bleu La Rochelle.

You are absent this Thursday in Prahecq. Why ?

Patrick: We didn’t participate in it, as we had done the hunt ten days ago in small groups, with people from our circle. We also have to return to the source. The hunt is organized by Mrs Prat (Kevin Trompat’s mother-in-law) and her fortune teller. If we consider fortune-tellers, fortune-tellers and others, we rake all of France on a rake. There’s no reason to go back out there and participate in these kinds of demonstrations.

Emily: I, I admit I still hope they will come up with something, but hey… Fatigue piled up for everyone. This is also why we are not present at the beat. You have to imagine an emotional mountain. We end up on an adrenaline rush and when we come down in the night and crash, we pass out. We protect ourselves by not participating. I, I do not feel its power. It’s too hard.

The good media coverage of this beat still works?

Patrick: At all. That’s not the main goal, but to revive all the media, we talk about it in all the newspapers. It snowballed vis-à-vis the media and that was it.

Leslie’s parents’ little investigative notebook
© Radio France

Eric le Bihan

Delayed beats, Karine Prat’s car is broken into, her house is visited, 10,000 euros in cash. You must be surprised?

Emily (carefully): I admit that we did not really understand. The numbers have changed. We were told around 5000 euros. Now 10,000. We, all we know is thatthere is an amount and it is to buy a car
. car and home theft, It must have something to do with the disappearance of the children.. It is clear.

patrick : we learned in the media that Kevin had gone to the square (from the Prahecq church) at night with 10000 euro cash on him. This whole story is really strange… We are in a sci-fi movie. That’s also unusual.

Do you believe today that the investigation should be centered around Kevin’s inner circle?

Emily: We’re not investigators, we can’t really know, but anyway, we’re almost certain now that it all started from tonight and the fact that there’s this amount of money, it brings our idea closer to a crime that’s about to happen. That corruptor, there’s no doubt about that. Today we see our daughter more as collateral damage., in fact. And it’s scary.

Patrick: Wait and hope, there’s nothing else to do. We don’t have much information. The more time passed, the more hope diminished. We’re waiting to hear back from the investigating judge, to see if we can get a little more information on the dossier.

Are you still in touch with Kevin’s family?

Emily: Uh… yes in messages with Madame Prat, less than before, but she also looks pretty tired too, so no wonder there’s been less news. I tried taking some last night (Thursday) compared to what happened (on the hunt). Maybe he must be busy too.

Do you have intimate beliefs today?

Emily: Yeah, we’re pretty sure he’s “locked up” somewhere. We realize with what was said yesterday, that it is related to money. So we are very worried and we can imagine that it was a crime because of money and everything will start from that night.

Patrick: The longer, the thicker the mystery. None of these events indicate (chokes voice)… Sorry.

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