“This Summer” with Marina Foïs talks about a “real ordeal” to which cinema has come a little close

Magali Bragard/Treasure Movies

Magali Bragard/Treasure Movies

Rose Pou Pellicer as Dune in Eric Lartigau’s “That Summer”.

CINEMA – Eight years after global success Aries family, Éric Lartigau returns to family drama. 58 year old French director (hold out your hand, A man who wants to live his life) moving sign this summerthe film adaptation of the graphic novel by Canadian writer Mariko Tamaki, hits theaters on Wednesday, January 4.

The story is about Dune (Rose Pou Pellicer). Dune is 11 years old and quite the character. Like every summer, he and his parents went to their old house in the Landes. On the spot, his childhood friend Mathilde (Juliette Havelange) awaits him impatiently, as promises of good weather, nature and swimming. The family had not set foot there for two years.

What to rejoice Dune? Not too. The boy pulled his face. His parents (Marina Foïs and Gael García Bernal) argue all day long. His mother is far away. Before the nose, he had lost his sense of smell. Besides, she can no longer have children. Or does he no longer want it? Dune does not understand it, or so. Something has changed.

A good story about transmission, thereby raising questions about maternal relationships, but also questions about difficult teenage years, this summer only reveals to the audience the reason for this mother-daughter estrangement in the end, in a pivotal scene. Flashback.

Please note that the rest of this article reveals key elements of the film. We advise you to stop reading now if you want to save the total surprise ahead of its appearance.

It was two summers ago and Sarah, who had not told anyone she was pregnant, stepped out of the water. There, on the beach, he felt the blood running down between his legs. You can see the fear in his eyes. Sarah had a miscarriage. ” The images are raw, quite trash, blew his translator, Marina Foïs, it HuffPost meet. That’s concrete. He’s right. »

That is the goal. In the production notes, screenwriter Delphine Gleize explained that it was important for her to ” recognize what women experience “, it’s a miscarriage,” it doesn’t always happen in the toilet, for a small fee, three shrink sessions and presto “.

In the film, said “miscarriage” never spoken, but the memory of her never left Sarah and undermined, like the secrets she kept to herself, her mental and physical health, that of her partner and that of her family. ” He’s under arrestÉric Lartigau tells us in turn. He couldn’t. He wanted to empty. »

Not only can she not have any more children, continued Marina Fois. That was also said about his own body. Why did life decide he wouldn’t walk anymore? Does that also mean that the relationship is no longer working ? The actress continued: I didn’t know that, but I have no doubts about imagining that a thwarted desire for motherhood is a real ordeal for a woman to have a memento. »

Miscarriage, omerta

However, as film star Sharon Stone recently pointed out in sharing her personal story, women going through this ordeal often face a lack of understanding and support. A point of view shared by Marina Foïs. ” You never tell someone who just had a miscarriage to take two months off work to fix it.observing the latter. There are no days off when you have a miscarriage. No sick leave. We had a miscarriage and we went to work the next day. »

He added: ” Okay, we don’t use sugar. It can be done. That’s not the point. The problem is that it is not perceived as it should be. I think for some women it is real torment. This is what complained, in March 2022, a collective that, in a forum published on the site Worldrailed against omerta around natural termination of pregnancy, and the lack of information and support in this regard.

However, in France, one in four pregnancies ends in the first trimester. This is a real social subject, still little discussed in cinema, at least face to face this summer. ” It will display”Eric Lartigau convinced us.

According to Marina Foïs, ” views on women and the female body change as life changes”. ” One time for example, we’re going to make a female character who doesn’t want children and this isn’t going to be the subjectsaid the actress. This woman will arrive without being a neurotic, a psychopath, or a mess. » If some movies, like Ani Anger Where Saint-Omergo in this direction in 2022, this summerhe opened the ball for 2023.

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