The Galaxy S22 Ultra outsold the latest Galaxy Notes

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has replaced the Galaxy Note in Samsung’s catalog. A strategy that paid off, considering that ultra premium smartphones have sold more than eleven million copies. A feat that hasn’t been accomplished since the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra was a real hit, because it was surpassed sales of 11 million copies. A real success that shows that Samsung’s strategy is paying off. The terminal thus surpasses the Galaxy Note 8, the last smartphone in the range that exceeds 10 million.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S22 Ultra replaces the Note lineup which is no longer in high demand at the moment. He thus started a the stylus is directly integrated into the case and placed in the ultra premium segment.

Galaxy Note, Samsung’s flagship smartphone during the 2010 decade

The first Galaxy Note was released in 2011 and had two strong arguments to be convinced of: its large 5.3-inch display (huge for the time) and the presence of a stylus. Over the years, smartphone panels have grown bigger and bigger Note has lost interest.

In 2016, Samsung was forced to remove the Galaxy Note 7 from sale due to the many cases of battery explosions. This does not prevent Galaxy Note 8 reached 10 million units sold in 2017.

But in the following years, sales plummeted. The latest model released in 2020: Galaxy Note 20 (and Note 20 Ultra). A product that clearly failed to convince the crowd. Samsung reportedly released 600,000 units from the factory alone. We can attribute this poor performance to Covid, but also to a lack of interest in the phone.

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Otherwise the Note 20 is definitely not a bad smartphoneit doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary for the price. He could no longer rely on his size (panels over 6 inches had become the norm) and the stylus was no longer enough.

Therefore Samsung has decided to completely leaving the Note range. The relay was overtaken by the S22 Ultra, which took all the Notes’ arguments: a large screen (at least it is larger than the other S22) and the presence of a stylus. A strategy that makes sense and pays off.

Source: PhoneArena