The Clippers don’t care about the world and their fans

Beaten last night in Minnesota (128-115), the Clippers face each other and therefore have good reason to hide behind another poor run of form. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George also did not play, rested after giving a lot the day before in Denver. Beautiful setting in Los Angeles, this project was a hit.

There comes a time, you have to say things in black and white.

And it could be read, this Friday night, when the information fell from Ohm Youngmisuk, the reporter from ESPN.

The reactions of fright, from fans as simple observers on social networks, saw this.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were rested, due to back-to-back, so protocol is out of respect and there are no models to change.

There is no way to change, even having 4 losses in a row.

There’s no turning back, having even put up a poor showing on Thursday night in Denver.

Let’s sort it out, so as not to mix things up. Recently injured, Paul George has somehow been retained by the Clippers, who are looking to avoid having their winger injured again knowing that the goal is to be fit next spring. As for Kawhi Leonard, it’s been clear since the start of the franchise season that as in John Wall’s case, we’re avoiding going back to back.

Knowing that we don’t have any medical information, seen from the outside we certainly lack concrete elements to judge better. And these are real facts, we can only “assume” on our part. Maybe Kawhi and PG both had the glitch that made their night count in Minnesota, just 24 hours after playing Denver.

Finally, “played“. That’s a big word.

Crushed by the Nuggets, Kawhi Leonard ran 18 minutes while Paul George did the same for 14 minutes on Thursday night.

This is not an exaggeration, this is a fact. Nobody played in the second half against Nikola Jokic and co, so we’re talking trot.

And that’s where the reaction exploded, and feelings ran high in the Clippers community: what the hell?

While the win in Toronto in late December was hopeful, particularly because of the presence and seriousness of the executives, Tyronn Lue’s men took 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. We’re headlining in this one, after the Clippers’ 4-game losing streak. And what to expect, at least? That is a bit of an answer in Minnesota, at the orphaned Karl-Anthony Towns Wolves. At Wolves who saw Anthony Edwards and Naz Reid leave them during the encounter.

We expect minimum responsibility, fighting spirit, exemplary leadership shown by leaders, despite all these possible physical constraints.

Well no, none of that.

Continuing the Club Med fad we’ve all grown accustomed to for quite some time, the Clippers announced that neither Kawhi nor Paul George would be playing, and what we’re seeing on the court is basketball atrocities. Credit to Wolves to the great Russell-Gobert duo, they got the job done from home.

But honestly? Not even the Los Angeles franchise needed to make the trip, when we saw how this loss played out.

When you are in a low points of your season, that you lack benchmarks, that you’ve had a series of defeats and that you’ve made mistakes on game night: the least you can do the next day is show up on the pitch.

We’re not even talking about unavoidable rules or amendments, we’re just talking about leadership, a collective conscience, right at your pump when you talk about aiming for a title, and a desire to show some will and selflessness. encounter difficulties. What a lot of teams have done this season, without making excuses or resting their executives. How watching 34-year-old Kevin Durant get stoned for the Nets in exchange for a ruptured Achilles tendon, grow to MVP level, miss only one game this year, with his trophy cabinet, and put boys like Kawhi and Paul George in the discussion? same?

We are simply not in the same field, like it or not KD. And examples like him (hello LeBron), there are others.

Last night, the Clippers had their 5th straight loss, and that didn’t seem to bother a lot of people. We’re being told about the deepest team in the entire NBA, aiming for the title and ready to dethrone everyone? We were actually in the same circus, with not the slightest bit of continuity, with breaks galore and no sign of progress.

Yes, the words are harsh, but there’s a feeling there: The Clippers don’t care about the world, and their fans in the first place.

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