Team France – Benzema is humiliated by Mbappé, they are embarrassed for France

By placing Kylian Mbappé ahead of Karim Benzema in the ranking of athlete of the year, the French sports daily sparked major controversy. And many journalists cry cheating.

Within 24 hours, what was ultimately an innocuous rating almost became a state issue. On Friday, as every year, L’Équipe unveiled its World and France Champion of Champions rankings. Lionel Messi has won the most honorable title when Kylian Mbappé won the best sportsman award tricolor. More specifically, the Paris Saint-Germain player has nearly doubled the points of his runner-up, Karim Benzema, Ballon d’Or winner and Champions League winner, KB9 followed by Quentin Fillon-Maillet, star of the winter Olympic Games in biathlon. And it’s an understatement that view Mbappé is way ahead of Benzema making waves, the journalists from the L’Equipe group have clearly abandoned the former Lyonnais to the Paris star’s disservice. Enough to trigger harsh criticism from other journalists, but even internally. Former sports daily, Thierry Bretagne shot Europe 1 and was not friendly.

Mbappé in front of Benzema, he’s crazy

For him, this first position Kylian Mbappé in the ranking of French sportsmen is an absolute disgrace and total bullshit. ” I find L’Equipe’s rating pathetic. In the past, newspapers distributed the world title one day, and the French title another day. There, L’Equipe shot a trailer about what Qatar will be doing in Paris, which is to celebrate the “reunion of heroes”, but some are victorious and some are loser. Sorry, but Kylian Mbappé has only won one thing over two years, that’s a lot of money. And that’s how he became the useful idiot wheel sucker that is Lionel Messi. Messi put off last season to be ready for the World Cup. So PSG will celebrate the useful idiot with a wheel sucker, it doesn’t work. Benzema has won the Champions League, Benzema is the top scorer in the Spanish league and he has won titles. Mr. Benzema, I’ve been arguing with his former agent, Djaziri, who called me early in the morning 15 years ago after an article. I had told him to call my director, as I had no intention of giving him an analysis while brushing his teeth. I don’t care about Djaziri, but the most important thing in football is the result. And the result was that Benzema won and Mbappé lost, and I couldn’t help it. “, offended Thierry Brittany, flabbergasted by this result. But even within the sports dailies, some journalists find it difficult to fathom the results they contribute.

At L’Equipe du Soir, debate is fierce when it comes to this widespread domination Kylian Mbappe vs Karim Benzema. For Hugo Guillemet, a journalist who follows OL news, these rankings make no sense. ” I’m not questioning the vote, because it can’t be denied. On the other hand, I didn’t choose that, because I didn’t choose because of the emotion after Mbappé’s hat-trick in the final. But throughout the season, Karim Benzema won La Liga and the Champions League, and I heard we voted for the Champion of Champions, and in addition he beat Mbappé’s PSG in the Champions League. Mbappé won Ligue 1 and of course he scored a hat-trick in the World Cup final, but for me that is too little compared to Karim Benzema (…) In 20 years, will we remember the 2022 World Cup Mbappé as we remember Zidane in in 2006? Mbappé helped us against Poland, but he wasn’t there against England and Morocco. In the final, for 80 minutes, we didn’t see him Launched journalists, who later clarified that he had chosen Benzema and placed Mbappé only third behind Quentin Fillon-Maillet.

Meanwhile, Eric Blanc, a former rugby player and events consultant for the sports channel, is also following this direction. ” Benzema is the Champion of Champions, he was only let down by his physique, but especially his trainers didn’t let him down. He shines, he inspires, he is a leader, captain of Real Madrid, he is extraordinary. Football, this year Benzema, while Mbappé is two penalties out of three goals, only one played. Four years earlier it was Griezmann who took the penalty “, offended, straight to the air, Eric Blanc, flabbergasted that the daily journalist especially went to Kylian Mbappé after a year that saw Karim Benzema succeed Zinedine Zidane as the last French footballer to win the Ballon d’Or. And Didier Roustan, journalism legend, also makes his astonishment understandable.

For him, Karim Benzema deserved to finish ahead of Kylian Mbappé. “ This story of three goals in the final, good, but there were two penalties. Suppose the French specialist who attracted him was a right-back, we defended the same from Mbappé in the final? Benzema has had a great influence on Real Madrid and his team-mates, while Mbappé has not had the same influence (…) I find that playing in the eighth round, quarters etc in the Champions League is stronger than in the World Cup, apart from England. In the final, for 80 minutes, there was nothing on the French team. Both have had great seasons, but I prefer Benzema. What Mbappé did during the World Cup was great, I’m not putting it down “, revealed Didier Roustan, visibly surprised by the difference in points between the two footballers, Mbappé has Benzema nearly twice as much, the latter even being under very close threat to Fillon-Maillet.

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