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At the Francis Turcan stadium in Martigues, OM reached the last 16 of the Coupe de France by beating FC Hyères 83 (2-0). Alexis Sanchez and Bamba Dieng made the difference, although Eric Bailly was sent off early.

OM 2-0 Hyeres (N2)

Goals: Alexis Sanchez (sp) (45e+1), Dieng (71e) for OMs
Red card: Bailly (15th) OM side

90’+3: GO, IT’S DONE! A WIN TO OM 2-0 WHICH WOULD NOT BE TOO INCLUDE BY THE EARLY EXCLUSION OF ERIC BAILLY. Alexis Sanchez through a penalty and Bamba Dieng ensured the Olympians’ success. Thanks for following us, kisses on the neck and have a great weekend!

90′: Come on, three more minutes to eat… AND BEN SEGHIR FACE! He ruined everything, he could even serve Guendouzi.

85′: A double change for OM that finally happened: a young Elmaz and another young Ben Seghir replaced Dieng and Under.

83′: UNDER! OM chained counterattacks, and the Turk was not in a very good position on the right!

81′: Only ten more minutes, and the feeling that it’s there, is done for OM.

78′: Mollo who took the free kick was very well placed. Terrible, he deserves to shine.

75′: Previously, there was a double change – the last – for OM: Zerfaoui and Assez were replaced by Baana Jaba and El Farissi.

74′: WHAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR HYERES! Lemb, five yards, dribbled to Blanco but didn’t fit… The 2-1 ball was there for Hyères.

71′: GOALS FOR THE OM WHO MAKES A BREAAAAK! Another deep call from Bamba Dieng, who this time held back the defensive return of Hyèroise and crossed perfectly to send OM nearly into the sixteenth round.

67′: The strike of the incoming damp! He flew over Blanco’s cage. There is still time to end this firefight for Hyères.

62′: Double changes are in the works for Hyèrois: Maxime Allione and Celin Lemb replace Jérémy Cordoval and Mahlon Barty.

60′: Change first for OM: Alexis Sanchez was replaced by Valentin Rongier. The Chilean handed his jersey to a ball boy and was cheered by the Olympian fans in the stands.

58′: A shot next to Dieng and a double change to come to Hyères’ side.

54′: SAVED POST OM! Sahnoune’s hand was at the entrance to the area and his attempt hit the number Blanco had beaten.

53′: DIEG! Launched well in depth, it’s right next to the Marseille striker…

52′: What a comeback from Pape Gueye in Enough in his own half… It’s great, but we’re not far from the penalty.

50′: The start was clearly in Hyères’ favor, who realized a good shot to play.

48′: BARTY STRIKES! He brushed the Olympic pole, but the little one was starting to show his teeth.

46′: From the start, Hyères attacked down the left but Magnora’s cross was caught by Blanco.


45’+7: IT’S THE BREAK AT MARTIGUES! In the 10th minute, OM did the trick by opening the scoring from the penalty spot just before half-time against a side from Hyères who could still trust him in the second half.

45’+3: I can’t wait to see the second half because the scenario is perfect for a legendary match.

45+1′: GOAL FOR OM! Alexis Sanchez slammed his harvest to the chagrin of Charly Jean, but just before half-time the Olympians took cover!

44′: PENALTIES FOR OM! Being at the back of the FC Hyères defense, Under was slightly touched by Agueni.

43′: Offside position for Kolasinac who had lagged behind the defense of this N2 formation. The odds were bigger on Marseille at the end of the first half, while a long stoppage of play is sure to be announced in the next few seconds.

40′: A fine Olympian move was capped off by a thrilling cross from Mbemba that was well caught by Charly Jean.

38′: Pineau’s head is well caught by Blanco. On the counter-attack, Dieng was offside and tried his luck at twenty-five meters. But it’s too crossing.

37′: Under’s mistake on Mollo’s knee and a fine free-kick came for Hyèrois.

34′: What an opportunity for Hyeres! Found in the Olympian area, Zerfaoui crossed the ball too much in front of Blanco!

31′: Barty got the best of Balerdi, was warned, and grabbed a corner. And if…

29′: Unbelievable Mahlon Barty the number 9 Hyères, who took too long to stop the ball from going out with a touch of the hand in training and went out without a yellow card.

27′: Surprisingly, Hyères’ players had retreated slightly due to their numerical superiority.

25′: VERETOUT BAR! Direct free kick from Veretout which hit the crossbar Jean.

23′: It will be interesting to see how OM behaves at ten o’clock for nearly ninety minutes. Not sure that’s part of Igor Tudor’s plan for this story.

20′: Changes for Hyères therefore: Aboubacar Magnora replaces Moussa N’Diaye who will obviously be evacuated from the stadium. Another change was also for the reorganized OM: Issa Kaboré was sacrificed for Chancel Mbemba.

18′: The healer is in the yard, Moussa N’Diaye still on the ground following Bailly’s blunder. Under the watchful eye of Martigues residents watching the game from their apartments.

15′: RED CARD FOR ERIC BAILLY! Crazy foul by the Marseille defender for a high kick at N’Diaye who fought back after a dangerous free-kick… N’Diaye would have looked out too, but this chest kick was very, very dangerous. OM WILL PLAY AT 10.

14′: Mistakes on the sidelines, like the one Agueni made at Kolasinac, have to stop.

12′: OH BAMBA DIENG SLIDE! He hasn’t offside the Senegal international… The lawn looks terrible.

9′: The combination “free kick” + “Guendouzi at first post” is starting to show up.

7′: Slightly goofy foul by Mollo at Kaboré, and a fine free-kick near the corner for OM.

6′: Muscular contact on Sahnoune and Veretout, little damage but play on!

4′: Nice deep pass from N’Diaye to Benbachir which was turned in by Balerdi. Yellow card for the Marseille defender. The free kick that followed was completely wasted.

2′: It’s been a great opportunity for OM! Corner from the left by Veretout is saved at the near post by Guendouzi! It slipped into Jean’s little net.

1′: Lots of fog due to the fumis, and Guendouzi’s first opening was well managed by the Hyéroise rearguard.

1′: LET’S GO !

0′: Karim Masmoudi, the unofficial lookalike of Roberto De Zerbi. A sign?

0′: The referee for the meeting was Jérémy Stinat, you do what you want with this info.

0′: The team enters the field! The great atmosphere is all the same in this place’s 9,000 cauldron. How do you feel, OM fans?

0′: As you can see at the very bottom of this live, there is the composition of the two teams and the two pieces of information that result from this: lots of changes at OM, especially at the back, and Pape Gueye in a three man defense with Ruben Blanco at home, while Yohan Mollo will be trying to make this N2 team that is Hyères 83 Football Club shine.

0′: The Coupe de France obliges, a slightly special format for this live broadcast, but don’t worry: I totally saw your comments and taunts about Alexis Sanchez’s missed test in the future.

0′: Hi everybody ! The Coupe de France miracle offers us a beautiful Southern derby between OM and Hyères (N2) at the Francis Turcan stadium in Martigues!
Marseilles (3-4-3): Blanco – Bailly, Balerdi, Gueye – Kaboré (Mbemba, 20e), Kolasinac, Veretout, Guendouzi – Under (Elmaz, 86e), Sanchez (Rongier, 60e), Dieng (Ben Seghir, 85e). Trainer : Igor Tudor.

Hyeres 83 FC (4-4-2): Jan – Pineau, Sahnoune, Agueni, Cordoval (Allione, 62e) – N’Diaye (Magnora, 20e), Zerfaoui (v, 75e), Barty (Lemb, 62e), Benbachir – Enough (El Farissi, 75e), Gentle. Trainer : Karim Masmoudi.
By Andrea Chazy

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