Ms 10, Marseille do their thing – Dbrief and the players’ NOTES (OM 2-0 Hyres) – Football

Quickly outnumbered following the sending off of Eric Bailly, Olympique de Marseille beat Hyres (2-0) this Saturday in the 32nd round of the Coupe de France. Although there were some heated situations in the second half, the National 2 club did not achieve this feat.

Eric Bailly was sent off early in the game.

At ten o’clock, the Marseilles are serious. But punished by Eric Bailly’s quick dismissal, Olympique de Marseille dominated Hyres (2-0) this Saturday in the name of the 32nd Coupe de France final.

In numerical inferiority, Igor Tudor’s men led by the good Matto Guendouzi managed to make the difference through a penalty from Alexis Sanchez and a goal from Bamba Dieng.

Attack Bailly, harvest Sanchez!

In a splendid Martigues atmosphere with kick-off coincidentally delayed by a few minutes due to a puff of smoke, Marseillais immediately proved dangerous with a deflection from Guendouzi past Jan’s post. Despite having the ball in Phocens’ favor, the National 2 resident responded aggressively while Dieng squandered a good chance by sliding in front of goal…

After another heated situation in the Var area, Bailly made a huge mistake with a very high leg, chest level, on N’Diaye and was logically sent off! Off on a stretcher, Hyrois was unable to continue and took the hospital’s way… Even in a lower number, OM remained dangerous with a free-kick from Veretout over the bar! For several minutes, Hyres was still gaining confidence with a shot that was too crossed from Zerfaoui. But just before half-time, nder, a long ball from Guendouzi, received a logical penalty because of an error by Agueni. With a Panenka, Sanchez converted his effort without flinching (1-0, 45 + 1e).

OM is hot, Dieng is rewarded

Back from the locker room, Karim Masmoudi’s men came back with good intentions and Barty’s shot, just outside the post, sent Blanco breaking out into a cold sweat. With good movement from the opponent, Gueye was even forced to make a big comeback against Assef in his own area… Amidst the crowd, OM had a chance to break, but Dieng did not direct his shot in front of Jan . In response, Hyres was as dangerous as a shot from Sahnoune on Blanco’s post!

From play time, the amateurs started sticking their tongues out seriously and had a hard time igniting a debate. And finally, Guendouzi’s long ball, Dieng pulled away and protected his team from a cross (2-0, 70th). Seconds later, Lemb had a great chance to rekindle the tension, but his effort was not successful after dribbling against Blanco… After two last chances missed by nder and Ben Seghir, Hyres left the competition as OM validated its ticket for the 16th.

Match score: 6/10

The scenario of this passage makes it possible to attend live matches. After an early advantage over Olympique de Marseille with some heated situations, the meeting turned with the expulsion of Bailly, author of a dangerous move. At 10 versus 11, the debate is more open. And with the Olympian opener just before half-time, we deserved a second half with chances.

Purpose :

– On a long ball from Guendouzi, nder goes through the defense. In that area, the Turkish player took advantage of contact with Agueni to earn a penalty. With Panenka in the middle, Sanchez opened the scoring (1-0, 45+1e).

– After Guendouzi’s breakthrough following an excellent recovery from Mbemba, the Frenchman made a deep pass for Dieng. In his duel with Sahnoune, the Senegalese pulled away and brought down his opponent to level Jan with a cross (2-0, 70).


Maxifoot assigns a score (out of 10) to each OM player.

Man of the match: Matto Guendouzi (7.5/10)

Captain in the absence of Payet, mnag, and used in midfield, midfielder Olympique de Marseille defended his position perfectly. From the first minute, the France international was dangerous with a deflection that grazed Jan’s goal. Like Veretout, he was serious after Bailly’s blush to allow his team to manage the debate. At the origins of his people’s finest moves, Phocen was the author of a superb opening in depth to allow the player to earn a penalty converted by Sanchez. As a boss, he even launched Dieng on his team’s second goal.


Rubn Blanco (5): selected to defend the Olympians cage in this Coupe de France game, the Olympique de Marseille keeper has little to do. Despite being outnumbered, the Marseille side were in little danger and the Spaniard made only easy intervention in the first half. After the break he was helped by his position through a long-range shot from Sahnoune then by clumsiness from Lemb.

Leonardo Balerdi (5): quick to warn about a yellow card, the Olympique de Marseille centre-back had a decent game. However, in the first minutes, the Argentine did not show great composure in his interventions. But as time has gone on, the former Borussia Dortmund player has kept a more serious face in the duel, especially in his in-depth coverage.

Eric Bailly (1): in the back three of the Olympique de Marseille defence, the centre-back quickly left the pitch. On a somewhat dangerous counter by Hyres, the Ivorians made a huge mistake with a very high leg, at chest level, at N’Diaye. Logically speaking, the player on loan from Manchester United can expect a long suspension.

Pape Gueye (7): positioned in central defense for this encounter, the midfield midfielder confirming the choice of his coach Igor Tudor. Secretly, the Senegal international is very authoritarian in duels. And most importantly, with his technical qualities, the former Le Havre is interesting in his transmission to overtake his partner. In the second half, we loved his great tackle in his own half to save the situation in front of Assef.

Issa Kabore (not rated): starting on the right in Clauss’ absence, injury, Olympique de Marseille’s piston was inappropriate early on, with some interesting climbs. However due to Bailly’s sending off he was substituted in the 20th minute by Chancellery Mbemba (6). Used as a side on the right side, the Congolese have fun. Always serious about defensive plans, Marseillais does not hesitate to project himself to participate in his team’s attacks, but without causing great harm. On OM’s second goal, he was behind the action with a fine recovery for Guendouzi.

Jordan Veretout (6.5): a serious copy for midfielder Olympique de Marseille. Accurate from a set-piece, the France international created the first chance for Guendouzi, whose deflection grazed the post. Moving on, the former Nantes man was convincing in midfield to maintain possession despite Bailly being sacked. And in free-kicks, he’s dangerous with a shot over the bar!

Matto Guendouzi (7.5): read comments above.

Sead Kolasinac (6): positive performance for left piston Olympique de Marseille. Serious defensively and generally in little danger, the Bosnian players, confident at the moment, have often gone his way. Aggressively, he provided an eye-catching contribution for the reigning French vice-champions to create danger.

Cengiz nder (5.5): just right performance for the attacking midfielder of Olympique de Marseille. Without being bad, the Turkey international has long had little bearing on the debate with difficulty combining with his partner. But after a long ball from Guendouzi, he still earned a penalty, due to a foul from Agueni, to allow Sanchez to open the scoring. And after the break, Marseillais became the creator of a good bait for the opportunities that were missed by Dieng. However, at the end of the game, he had a great chance to score. Replace the 85th minute with Bartug Elmaz (no no).

Alexis Snchez (5): positioned one step lower to support Dieng, the Olympique de Marseille striker deserved to be decisive. Because in the game, the Chilean didn’t blow the screen with limited impact overall and some bad negotiating situations. With a penalty, he launches a phocen club with a panenka to change his business. Replace the 59th minute with Valentin Rongier (no no).

Bamba Dieng (6.5): titular for this Coupe de France clash, the Olympique de Marseille centre-forward alternates between the good and the bad. Thanks to his race, the Senegalese has proposed many solutions to his partners. But not always in the first round, he failed in his rare individual attempts, such as slipping in front of Jan. Back from the locker room, Phocen had a great chance, but did not direct their shot in front of Jan… However, they were finally rewarded with this goal through a cross. Deserved achievement in relation to his efforts. Writer of a fine pass on a nder chance, he was substituted in the crowd in the 85th minute Salim Ben Seghir (no no).

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MARSEILLE 2-0 HYRES (half time: 1-0) – FRANCEFrench Cup / 32nd
Stadium : Francis Turcan- Referee: Jrmy Stinat.

Target : Sanchez (45+1, sp), Dieng (70) for MARSEILLE
Warning : Balerdi (4th) for MARSEILLE
Expulsion: Bailly (15th) for MARSEILLE

MARSEILLES: Blanco – Gueye, Bailly, Balerdi – Kabor (Mbemba, 20th), Veretout, Guendouzi, Kolasinac – nder (Elmaz, 85th), Sanchez (Rongier, 59th) – Dieng (Ben Seghir, 85th)

HYRES: Jan – Cordoval (Allione, 62), Sahnoune, Agueni, Pineau – Mollo, N’Diaye (Magnora, 20), Benbachir, Zerfaoui (Baana, 74) – Barty (Lemb, 61), Assef (El Farissi, 74)

Martigues atmosphere was warm

Bailly’s treacherous moves, logically expuls

From the spot, Sanchez opened the scoring with a panenka (1-0, 45+1e)

Dieng double the lead (2-0, 70)

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