LIVE. War in Ukraine: fighting continues despite an alleged Russian truce

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“Orthodox killers wish you a Merry Christmas”

The Ukrainian governor of Luhansk province Serhiy Haidai said that within the first three hours of the ceasefire, the Russians shelled Ukrainian positions fourteen times and overran the settlement three times. “Orthodox killers wish you a Merry Christmas,” he joked on the messaging app Telegram.


Less intense fights… Thanks to the snow?

On the front lines, Russian rockets continued to explode. Ukraine replied. Admittedly, the combat is slightly less intense.

But was it because of the Russian truce? According to Ukrainian forces, they owe this relative slowdown to snow, which makes it difficult to pilot drones and detect targets. “The situation today is exactly the same as yesterday, the day after, last week and last month,” one soldier told Reuters. It makes no sense to talk to them, believing in their promises, orders and decrees. »


Attack the fire station

Fire station in Kherson, January 6, 2023. Kherson Regional State Administration/Handout via REUTERS

Russian troops attacked a fire station in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson in an attack that left several people dead or injured, a senior Ukrainian official said. And this, despite Moscow’s unilateral declaration of a 36-hour ceasefire.


“Routine” fights during the Orthodox Christmas period

Crimea Region, January 6, 2023. Soldiers from the 80th Air Assault Brigade on the front line, during the Orthodox Christmas period. Clodagh Kilcoyne/REUTERS

Christmas or not, the fighting in Ukraine continues at a “routine” pace, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said on Twitter. One of the most disputed areas is the city of Kremina and its surroundings, in the Luhansk region. The woods, to the west of the town, “provided cover from aerial surveillance even in winter, both sides likely having difficulty directing artillery fire”. The battle took place at close range.

For the Russians, the stakes were crucial: losing this battle would threaten the right flank of their Bakhmut sector.


Zelensky congratulated Kevin McCarthy, the new Speaker of the US House of Representatives

Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, congratulates Kevin McCarthy, who has finally been elected chairman of the American House of Representatives after 15 rounds of voting, throwing Congress into disarray. “America’s support in all areas is critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter. We count on your continued support and additional assistance from the United States to realize our shared victory. »


Variable geometry warfare “escalation”.

Russia will choose the right time to provide Western military aid to Ukraine as an “escalation”, according to analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Experts have noted that the Kremlin and the Russian media respond “selectively” to arms shipments, only when the rhetoric of confrontation with the West suits them. Evidence, they argue, that Russia is more concerned “with the consequences of Western assistance on certain Russian military operations than the nature of weapons, red lines, or alleged Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory. »


What does the new military aid to Ukraine contain?

American Bradley armored infantry vehicle, here in the Kurdish-majority province of Syria, in April 2022. Delil souleiman/AFP

The United States has promised massive new military aid to Kyiv, totaling three billion dollars. This will include the supply of Bradley armored infantry vehicles, personnel carriers and howitzers, the White House has disclosed.

“This victorious year has just begun,” the Ukrainian presidency immediately rejoiced. The American “package” also includes Himars precision missiles and Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles.


In Las Vegas, a Ukrainian startup wants to help the nation win the war

Releaf Paper, founded by Ukrainians, uses dead leaves from city streets and parks to produce the most environmentally friendly paper in the world, without cutting down trees. Robyn Beck/AFP

A dozen Ukrainian startups have taken residence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a premier electronics fair, with the aim of making their country great, both economically and on the battlefield. “The beginners present what they have achieved, if there is an interesting solution they will take it to the armed forces and directly to the battlefield”, explains Karyna Koudriavtseva, project director. Conversely, no Russian company is allowed to present its innovations.

Before the war, Ukraine provided fertile ground for digital innovation, but the fighting has caused startups in the country to relocate and rethink their plans. Today, Ukrainians basically have three jobs: their traditional one, volunteering and helping the army.


Poland willing to donate all its Leopard tanks?

That belief was made by a Polish diplomat in wall journal. Warsaw currently has 240 such tanks and will be ready to part with all of them. This will make it possible to form two brigades.


Illusory truce


The ceasefire ends tonight

Announced Thursday by Vladimir Putin, officially to allow Orthodox Christmas to take place under the best conditions, the truce was condemned by Western countries, which Moscow was only trying to buy time for.


Hello and welcome to Parisian

You can follow the latest information about the conflict in Ukraine in this live stream.

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