LIVE – Team France: Le Graët and Deschamps provide details on the coach’s contract extension

And now, what is the future for Zidane?

Didier Deschamps’ extension until 2026 as coach of the French team, which was unveiled this Saturday, blocks the horizons of Zinedine Zidane’s tricolor. While opening up a field of possibilities.

From Juve to Brazil, through Real, we explore here the most serious paths for Zizou’s future on the bench.

On his analysis of the France-Argentina World Cup final: “Five players out of eleven are not at the same level”

Deschamps: “There is already the quality of the opponents. We are not surprised. On our side, in the first team, there are 4-5 players who are not physically fit. And there is also the emotional side. It was the first final for some people, it was special. We didn’t there for a good hour. After that, we came back out of nowhere. We jostled. I don’t hide the part where there was no match. In fact, there were at least five players from the starting eleven who weren’t up to the task for such a match and fought such an opponent.”

On the future of the Blues

Deschamps: “It’s difficult to answer today. I will discuss with the players. The truth is the World Cup is not necessarily March. The situation has not been improved. With the staff, we have a peripheral view. The players have had a little time to breathe a little. They are back on the pitch. We have a solid March ahead of us.”

Le Graët questioned his departure from FFF

Le Graët: “I’m still here. My mandate will end after Germany (in 2024). A four-year contract is useful. It will allow whoever replaces me to speak calmly to Didier.”

In Blues

Deschamps: “In my mind it’s not about continuing just to continue. I believe that there are great things to be done. There are leaders. Continuity in a climate of trust is very important.”

Le Graët on negotiations

Le Graët: “It wasn’t too difficult to convince Didier. We have some details to look at. The four-year-old will seems to be the right one. Our neighbors have changed a lot and haven’t had the success that was hoped for. We need consistency. There’s fun in being together. Share us, a very short week.”

On his motivation and the new generation of players

Deschamps: “If I’m still here it’s thanks to the quality of the players. There’s a reservoir. I’m aware that I have a high level pool. Other countries have that too. It’s never easy. All countries are doing well. That very high level difficult. The group of players that are in Doha are full of talent. This is a very competitive group that exudes great strength and unity. We exchanged a lot of thoughts with Sylvain Ripoll and his Espoirs picks.”

2+2 contract?

Deschamps: “Obviously, I announced four years, so four years.”

About contract duration: until July 2026 and not June, so after the World Cup

Deschamps: “There were discussions. We met each other with the president. It is a very important sign of trust to have a contract until July 2026. We will go there gradually. There are result requirements. I have no plans for the next World Cup. There will be meetings before .”


Deschamps: “No, I shouldn’t have doubts. Like I do after every big competition, I needed a bit of time. If I had doubts, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Deschamps on his emotions

Didier Deschamps at the press conference: “It’s a great joy for me. To have this award from across the room… For four weeks we were in our bubble. You know the consideration I have for the French team. It’s just happiness what we live in there Except for the cruel end My wish also belongs to my president.

Le Graët to Deschamps: “You have made the French happy”

FFF president Noël Le Graët reaction: “I send all my compliments to Didier. For what he has done over the years. He has three people around him who I want to praise. I renew on behalf of all of France, you have made people France is happy and football takes precedence over all misfortunes. It gives joy to life.”

Deschamps: “For most of these finals we were very, very far from the goals that were ours”

On the Blues’ run to the 2022 World Cup final: “Obviously, there’s a lot of emotion to be shared, even less with this scenario even though the end has to be cruel. For the most part this final, a little too long for my taste (he smiles), we were very , very far from our goal. Then we got very, very little closer to what we wanted, to defend our world title. the whole journey that allowed us to reach this final”.

Deschamps: “You can count on me to keep the French team at the highest international level”

“We have an important deadline ahead of us, with a busy return to school in March with two big games on our way to qualify for the next Euro 2024 in Germany. You can count on me to ensure the French team is kept at the highest international level.”

Deschamps: “I recognize the emotion and passion this World Cup can bring”

“To be in the final of the World Cup twice in a row means a lot. Since I came back, I have realized the emotion and passion this World Cup can bring.”

Deschamps: “My president has decided to extend me to 2026”

“I am going to announce something that is very pleasing to me, namely that my president (Noël Le Graët) has decided to extend me until 2026”, said Deschamps on the podium of the Federation General Assembly. , Saturday in Paris , before receiving a standing ovation. “I thank the president for his continued support and trust.”

Deschamps confirmed his extension to the GA stand

Didier Deschamps appeared on the podium of the FFF general assembly to confirm his extension and expressed his satisfaction at continuing the adventure.

“I am about to announce something that is very pleasing to me, which is that my president has decided to extend me to 2026, said DD. I thank the president (Noël Le Graët, editor’s note) for his permanent support and continued trust. , he added. This is something important in the functioning of the French team.”


An FFF press release announcing the contract extension of Deschamps and his staff

“The French Football Federation and Noël Le Graët, its president, are pleased to announce the extension of Didier Deschamps as head of the French team until June 2026.

Appointed on 9 July 2012 by Noël Le Graët, Didier Deschamps has an excellent record as head of the national team with 89 wins, 28 draws and 22 losses in 139 matches, scoring 279 goals and conceding 119.

Under his leadership, the French team notably won the 2018 World Cup, 2021 Nations League, reached the final of Euro 2016 and the 2022 World Cup. He is currently 3rd in the FIFA standings where he has consistently made the top four over the past five years .

Guy Stephan, Didier Deschamps’ assistant, Franck Raviot, goalkeeping coach, and Cyril Moine, fitness coach, will also continue in the French squad.

Didier Deschamps extended to 2026!

His future at the head of the Blues is the center of the news. And the big news just dropped. Didier Deschamps extended as coach of the France team until June 2026, the start date of the next World Cup.

Therefore technicians will be there for the next Euro 2024, in Germany.


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