Horoscope for Saturday January 7, 2023

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The Moon and Pluto conflict will remind them on the 3rd decan that sometimes it’s good to start over, sweeping away the past in order to rebuild the present for the better. This is what may be happening, or has been happening since Pluto occupies the 3rd decan of Capricorn (2018). You won’t have it between March and June, so you can see what your future will look like. But Pluto will totally leave you alone in 2024.


Some feel unusual tiredness, or pain, but if that helps you, tell yourself that starting on the 13th, things will gradually develop for the better, no matter what troubles you’re having and which Mars represents, placed in Gemini, the planetary sign of contradiction has been occupied since August 20. Still a little patient (born late April).


Try to take advantage of the influx of Venus, which illuminates a very positive and optimistic sector of your zodiac. You can look into the future in pretty colors. This applies, for now, to the first decan. You may also have an interesting project, perhaps professionally: it will take time to materialize, but it can give you stability.


The Full Moon is still active and in phase with Neptune at this time. Follow your inspiration, your intuition, especially the 3rd decan! Your first impression will be correct… You will also be very empathetic, you will feel and sometimes even feel too deeply the mood of the people around you. Unless you are affected by what is happening somewhere in the world.


Still opposing you through January 11, Venus brings out your charm and your power of seduction. But your partner or your desire to be a partner is also strengthened. For now, the first decan is taking full advantage of it (no distracting aspects) and meetings can be topical, Jupiter has a mission for you too! Namely strengthening your ability to accept others as they are.


I get the impression, if you’re from early September, Mars is still a thorn in your side. The annoyances, the denials had been building up for some time. Unless intimate or family issues bother you a lot (especially those born around the 2nd). But there’s good hope that things will work out, Mars resumes his live march on the 13th and will no longer watch the early September march after the 30th.


Venus is well connected to Mars, both are in harmony with you and this bodes well for your love relationships and professional success. First dean, through the 30th. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to put yourself forward and if you’re low-key, reserved, get out of your reserves as much as possible; your image, what you represent would be nice. 2nd Decan, your turn after January 30th.


If you’re looking to bring your family together this is a great weekend especially for the first decan. The vibes are good, everyone should get along. Or we will pretend! However, as I said, but this is more specific, you can also see someone from your past, or evoke happy memories with one of your loved ones. 2nd decan, is it for next weekend?


If you were born in early December, you are not done with the opposition of Mars, which creates distractions and obstacles for you. But Jupiter is coming to set you free. Indeed, your planet has started a good aspect with you (you knew that already, didn’t you?) and will surely put Mars in its place by the end of the month! You may have to compromise, but it will be worth it.


Venus looks at you in the first decan, usually this will strengthen your feelings if you are in a relationship or if you have children. Yesterday’s Full Moon headed in that direction. Some may doubt the strength of their feelings or that of their partner. But ask yourself if this is not an overly repeated pattern and that it stems from you and your choices.


The full moon is still shining in the sky, tomorrow will change, but in the meantime if you have time, put your house in order and clear your head too. With Mercury retrograde you don’t see as clearly at this time, you tend to get angry (2nd decan), whereas Mercury is in tune with Uranus. But it is true that if you have made a request, everything drags on.


You are favored, if you are from the 2nd decan especially. Indeed today or the next few days there will be something new; professional proposal possible. It will be the result of chance, or the intention of someone close to you who will introduce you to someone who can make a positive impact on your career. First dean, born at the end of February, Mars is always like a pebble in your shoe.

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