Freewheeling, Samsung crushes the prices of its Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra (-52%) ?

Samsung offers very good deals for high-end smartphones. Thus, it is possible for an unlimited time to buy the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra at the best price on the market. These two phones have the lowest prices on the manufacturers’ websites. You can get it at a very attractive price.

An immediate discount of 160 euros allows you to have the Galaxy S22 for 699 euros instead of 859 euros, and the S22 Ultra for 1099 euros instead of 1259 euros. If you have an old smartphone, you can also benefit from a trade-in bonus of 100 euros. By adding the last trade-in value, the price of the S22 and S22 Ultra drops a little more.

I bought a Galaxy S22

I bought the Galaxy S22 Ultra

This is a small example. Let’s say you fall in love with the S22 Ultra and trade in an iPhone 13 Grade A 128 GB. You therefore benefit from a 100 euro trade-in bonus, as well as 390 euros for your iPhone trade-in. In the end, this makes the Galaxy S22 Ultra 609 euros (recovery bonus 1099€ – 100€ – iPhone 13 value 390€ = 609€).

Why pick up the Galaxy S22 from the official Samsung store?

By buying your new Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra from the official store, Samsung also gives you 5% Samsung Rewards points. This program allows you to receive 5% of the value of your order in the form of a purchase voucher. Then you can use this amount at the Samsung store for your future purchases.

Also note that by picking up your smartphone from the official website, you have the possibility to choose the colors available only in the latter. Gray, sky blue, or red for the S22 Ultra. Gray, beige, sky blue, or purple for the S22. By combining trade-in bonuses and direct discounts, you can equip yourself with the smartphone of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

In addition, for the purchase of S22 or S22 Ultra, you have a closing offer. To take advantage of it, simply select the color of the case on the gift page. Therefore, as we have emphasized before, it is very advantageous to take advantage of the earlier this year offers available exclusively on the Samsung site.

Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra: Samsung’s best-selling

If there have been many smartphones that have been a hit at Samsung since their launch, it is without a doubt the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. This device is among the best in the market. They rival the Apple iPhone 13 or OnePlus 10 Pro. By offering tons of features and a solid technical sheet, they also offer a great design.

One of their advantages is that the screen uses AMOLED technology. It comes in two different diagonals. For the S22 it takes 6.1 inches and for the S22 Ultra the screen is very large 6.8 inches. Regardless of the model, they offer great visual comfort.

We also appreciate the excellent fluidity made possible thanks to the 120 Hz refresh rate. For the rest, the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra have all the ingredients that have made the Samsung Galaxy S successful to date. Excellent battery life, support for fast charging, water resistance certification, high performance processor and graphics and complement each other.

Everything is enhanced by One UI, Samsung’s built-in interface that, combined with Android, offers the most enjoyable and intuitive browsing experience. If you are a photo and video lover, you will not be disappointed with the S22 and S22 Ultra. In this area, logically it is the S22 Ultra that comes above and stands out from the S22 or S22+ with the presence of a superior 108 MP main sensor.

Overall though, whether in low light or broad daylight, all three models in the range reach heights and are among the best camera phones of 2022. In short, the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra are Samsung’s best smartphones available today. Thanks to the current offer, they have become much more affordable.

To access the offer on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is here:

I bought a Galaxy S22

I bought the Galaxy S22 Ultra

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