Disappearance of Estelle Mouzin: 20 years later, final respects and soon court

Estelle Mouzin disappeared on 9 January 2003 in Guermantes (Seine-et-Marne) and was never found. ©Canelle Corbel

This will be the last official tribute to Estelle Mouzin. Saturday 7 January 2023, the girl’s relatives and the whole village of Guermantes, in Seine-et-Marne, will meet for the final. white steps at 15:30.

On January 9, 20 years since the girl disappeared on her way home from school. He was never found.

But we now know the perpetrators of these kidnappings: the Fournirets. On March 6, 2020, Michel Fourniret confessed, after 17 years of wandering in court. “I recognize there are beings who no longer exist because of my fault. Several months later, the serial killer died on May 10, 2021.

Despite everything, the investigation is continuing and will soon be closed. If Michel Fourniret is no longer around, she remains his ex-wife and accomplice, Monique Olivier. Hers court case must happen in November 2023.

20 years later, Marne take a look back at investigations tagged with fake leads and twists in special files.

Five days of active research in Seine-et-Marne

On January 9, 2003, shortly after 18:00, Estelle Mouzin disappeared on her way home to her mother after a long day at school. The last time we saw him: near the bakery in the village of Guermantes, where he lived.

A warning was given a few hours later to the police, who arrange significant human resources to find that 9 year old girl.

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Since Thursday night, when her mother called me to warn me, my spine froze, I felt we were too late, we had to act quickly.

Eric Mouzin, the girl’s father

In this cold and snowy January, the entire village was mobilized. Residents spread temporary wanted notifications firefighters broke the ice, emptied the pool. The police are going around the village. Vain. “We were shocked, we fear the worst. All avenues are considered,” recalls the mayor of Guermantes, Denis Marchand.

Firefighters broke the ice before searching the area's pools and reservoirs for Estelle Mouzin.
In January 2003, firefighters broke the ice before searching the area’s pools and reservoirs to find Estelle Mouzin. © Marne Archives

At the end of the fifth day, the police decided to do it cover and Guermantes square. No one is allowed out. In total, nearly 400 homes will be searched. But still no trace of Estelle.

A judicial error

For nearly 20 years, researchers have multiplied false leads and false hopes. On January 31, 2008, the scientific police invested a asian restaurant at Brie-Comte-Robert, at Seine-et-Marne. An employee will see corpse small size when working with a piece of red cloth. That failed: it was animal remains.

The following year, researchers wondered about photo of a young girl, who appears to be in a prostitution ring in Eastern Europe. She looks oddly like Estelle Mouzin, but that’s not her.

Legal progress thanks to the Estelle Mouzin association

All of these wrongs have prompted the Estelle Mouzin association to fight against the wrongs of justice. In early 2003, he demanded the creation of a Kidnapping Alert, as in the United States, but this would not come to light until 2006. For years, the association and Eric Mouzin campaigned to centralize data on missing children. The fight that led to the creation of a justice center dedicated to unresolved cases and serial crimes in March 2022.

The Fourniret Line, still in existence, but long unexplored

What if the truth was in the eyes of the police from the start? On June 24, 2003, a composite portrait a suspect was broadcast: a man with dark hair, round glasses and a growing beard. Two days later, serial killer Michel Fourniret was arrested for the kidnapping of a young girl in Belgium.

Belgian investigators inform France: he could also be responsible for the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin. France pushed back this possibility.

In June 2007, Michel Fourniret ask to be heard in this case, but still unquestioned by justice: criminals are known for their manipulation. Another element: it van the criminal, who will be used to catch the “young virgin”, remains ten years in court without being analysed. Next we will find a thirty dna different.

Confession and trial

Need to wait for the divestment of the Meaux parquet flooring and arrival of Judge Sabine Khéris to start something. He knows the Fournirets perfectly and has managed to bond with them, particularly with Monique Olivier.

It was the latter that revived the Fourniret track ruin his alibi and accused him of murder. He claimed to have led Michel Fourniret, with the body of Estelle Mouzin, to the edge of the forest in the Ardennes. There will be bury the girl. Since then, Hakim Kheris has carried out a dozen or so digs in the forest, as far as possible shaving wood to find it. Vain.

On March 6, 2020, the serial killer confesses: “I am responsible for his departure, but I have no idea. He died a year later.

Monique Olivier will go on trial in November 2023, for involvement in kidnapping, kidnapping and murder.

This woman seemed so out of this world that I expected nothing from her. He has already been sentenced to life in prison, he will end up in prison for days, his fate does not interest me much.

Eric Mouzin

Lawyers for the family and Monique Olivier agree that a trial is still possible turning the pages of a long law. “Monique Olivier will not be able to come out as a winner”, concluded Me Richard Delgenes, attorney for Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife.

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