Accordion and guitar journey with Félicien Brut and Thibaut Garcia

Accordion player Félicien Brut, whose album “J’ai deux amours” is outstanding, will give a concert with guitarist Thibaut Garcia on Tuesday 10 January in Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines.

Félicien Brut has given a concert dedicated to the Astor Piazzolla repertoire, last July, Raymond-VI park, in Toulouse. He returned not far from there, on the other side of the Haute-Garonne, to the Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines auditorium, this time accompanied by his friend, Toulouse guitarist Thibaut Garcia. With his accordion, another note from the Argentinian composer. “Astor Piazzolla is very important to me, like a gateway to the classics, explains the musician Auvergne. I come from popular music, from the musettes. Also scoring a lot, is Richard Galliano.”

Félicien Brut loves being able to play in multiple registers, in very different formations. But he has not forgotten how he started. “Musettes are important: that’s why I chose to make music. In my youth, balls were a lot. As a teenager, I animated some of them on my accordion. I like to associate classical music and today’s popular music. There is a part excellent musettes that deserve to be maintained. And, on the other hand, famous composers like Bach, Brahms or Bartok who regularly draw inspiration from popular music. . “

In Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines, Félicien Brut would find Thibaut Garcia, with whom he was very close. “He was so brilliant and generous, incredible in talent and mastery. On stage, we were in absolute exchange. He took me to the classics, I showed him all the beauty of the pieces I love like waltzes Ritals by Jean Corti and his Django side, gypsy jazz.”

The two musicians have planned a musical journey, from Paris “and its symbolic instrument, the accordion”, to Spain “often marked by the guitar” through Latin America “the meeting point between the two”, in Brazil, Argentina, Peru.

music to carry

“The accordion and guitar work wonderfully together. They have in common, in their mechanism and history, in the fact that they are polyphonic. And also the important characteristic of their transportability: it is not without reason that they are the favorite instruments of sailors, nomads, gypsies and thus conquered the whole world. Even their differences brought them together: a palette of harmonics for the guitar, power for the accordion. Together, we can play with so many colors.”

“I have two loves”, announced Félicien Brut as the title of his new album. The second is Toulouse because, apart from Thibaut Garcia, the accordion player is happy to find a “piano on string” friend, Grégory Daltin, “a great musician and an extraordinary professor at the conservatory”.

Félicien Brut in concert with Thibaut Garcia, Tuesday 10 January at 8 pm at the auditorium Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines (place of Saint-Pierre), Toulouse. Price: from €11 to €30 (reservation on Tel. 05 61 25 27 32. album “I have two loves (The Paris Album)” (Erato/Warner).

Paris love

Produced with the Bordeaux Aquitaine national Orchester, performed by Pierre Dumoussaud, the album “J’ai deux amours” is much more catchy and refined than its tourist outfits, with a picture of the Eiffel Tower, its title on the disc and other famous works such as “Sous le ciel de Paris” or “La lamente de la Butte”, they are so finely orchestrated and interpreted, is also performed, for the last two, by a magical voice by Julie Fuchs. As well as Chopin, Stravinsky or Rossini, Félicien Brut had the wonderful idea to call on three contemporary composers, Fabien Waksman, Karol Beffa and Thibault Perrine for his inspiring accordion and orchestral pieces. A very beautiful album in which two Toulousans participated. , Adam Laloum and Thibaut Garcia.

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