Was the unprecedented broadcast on BeIN Sports an unexpected show for an amateur club?

Learning about the existence of Olympic Oats Chinon Cinais (AOCC) this week amused us a little. And yes, who said enlightenment said the return of the Coupe de France. But this season, the revolution is about as crazy as the World Cup stalled in late autumn: BeIN Sports will be broadcasting 31 of the 32 weekend posters, and therefore not only professional clubs. Completing the classic scheme for this competition used to see 100% of Ligue 1 matches programmed on Eurosport and France 2/France 3 (which will only offer the Hyères-OM game Saturday at 15.30) and, alongside more country posters, inviting on France 3 Regions, or quite simply outside of television.

However, our famous general secretary of AOCC, who sits between Angers and Tours and the current leader of his group 3 Nationals, did not jump to the ceiling before his encounter against Vierzon FC (N2), Sunday (18:00) on BeIN Sports Max 10 . We were asked to provide gondolas for BeIN Sports cameras, even though we are a small club, only with volunteers. A sponsor would eventually lend us this, but we would have to double up on phone calls during the month to keep up with broadcasters. We already have to check the 50 page protocol from FFF. »

“It is a great source of pride and reward”

But the leader is still aware of the “beautiful image” that gives the club a broadcast on BeIN, which is why it will be present at the Marcel-Vignaud stadium in Avoine (Indre-et-Loire). And this is even though there will be no journalists/consultants on site, as most of these 32nd finals will be commented on in the cabin, at the chain’s headquarters. On the other hand, there will be two cameras on this amateur course, for a device that BeIN Sports journalist Laurent Bidot admits is “very basic”. “I firmly believe that the first round of the 32nd Coupe de France in the history of our club would not have been broadcast without this new contract with BeIN”, noted Alain Retail, who does not believe that this BeIN show, live and in full, could have a negative impact on stadium ticket sales , which is expected to accommodate 1,500 spectators.

President of FC Chamalières (Puy-de-Dôme), who challenged Bourges on Sunday (15:30) for a meeting between 2 National clubs moved to a pitch adjoining Clermont Foot, Jérôme Valeyre enjoyed this new broadcast: “Honored like this in BeIN Sports [Max 7], this surprised us and could be of great interest to our partners.” With one ball, at the end of the 32nd French Cup final draw, FC Chamalières, one of N2’s smallest budgets, could very well have inherited PSG. Even without the ultra-mediation of the match of a lifetime against the Parisian ogres, the Auvergne club should be prepared to make an appearance on BeIN Sports.

We are used to seeing the Champions League, World Cup or Real-Barça on BeIN, and of course not us, said Kevin Pradier, coach of FC Chamalières with a smile. It is a great source of pride and appreciation for all of our volunteers. Broadcasting on such a prestigious channel will only strengthen the positive pressure for Sunday. I thought we’d be at the multiplex, nothing more. This retransmission in full, is excellent, even if it’s necessary to try to hide this context as much as possible. »

“First big in my life”

Apart from former professional defenders Clermont, Dijon and Nancy Jordan Lotiès (38), the entire FC Chamalières workforce will have to digest this unprecedented media context as best they can. This is what awaits Vincent Louve, captain of Avoine Olympique Chinon Cinais. “It will be a great first in my life to put my match on television,” smiled the 27-year-old centre-back, a temporary worker in the world of early childhood off the pitch. When we see television installations on Sunday, we will undoubtedly feel a bit of special pressure. But it is a great step forward for amateur football. And then, it can offer great visibility for our young players, why not be seen by higher level clubs. »

Stade Plabennécois (N3) and Vannes OC (N2) may feel hurt, as they will be the only ones broadcast not on television, but on the BeIN Sports website, as seven channels are already mobilized simultaneously during the multiplex on Saturday (6 p.m.). “However, that doesn’t disappoint me, because I think our match will sink into the multiplex, and certainly not in its entirety, even if it is on the Internet, assures Michel Pommelec, president of Plabennec. On the other hand, it may encourage some of our supporters to brave possibly hostile weather to come to the stadium. [capacité de 2.700 places], because they will not be able to see us on television. “Finally, what about the big foray into the amateur world experienced at the same time by BeIN Sports, which acquired the TV rights to the Coupe de France from FFF until 2026?

Five years after creating a sensation, by reaching the final of the Coupe de France against PSG (0-2), Les Herbiers, now in National 2, will be awarded a BeIN Sports Max 9 award on Sunday (18:00), for their achievement.  round of 16 at Stade Pontivyen (N3).
Five years after creating a sensation, by reaching the final of the Coupe de France against PSG (0-2), Les Herbiers, now in National 2, will be awarded a BeIN Sports Max 9 award on Sunday (18:00), for their achievement. round of 16 at Stade Pontivyen (N3). – JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP

“I’ll go look for information”

“Having new rights is always very good news, especially when they make it possible to enroll more in French football, after Ligue 2, by going to its base”, appreciates Laurent Bidot, who will comment on Stade Pontivyen (N3)-Vendée Les Herbiers (N2), Sunday (6 p.m.) on BeIN Sports Max 9, from the channel’s head office. Moreover, if we talk about the finalists of the 2018 edition of the event, would such a poster without a Ligue 1 club require special preparation for each journalist, who was then not accompanied by a consultant?

“I see it as a new challenge, explains Laurent Bidot. Yes, I will be looking for information by calling the clubs, in particular to correctly name these players we don’t know. “The main difference between the clashes between clubs N2-N3 and Real-Barça: there will therefore only be two cameras per stadium this weekend, against around twenty for the Classico. Or for a possible summit between Avoine Olympique Chinon Cinais and FC Chamalières, on April 29 during the final at the Stade de France.

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