Ukraine – Russia’s war: who is Sergey Surovikin, the general accused of destroying Aleppo and commander of the Russian offensive in Ukraine?

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photo credit, EPA


Sergey Surovikin was nominated in 2017 by Putin for his military service in Syria.

The appointment of Sergey Surovikin to lead Russia’s assault on Ukraine was made by Vladimir Putin after the destruction of the Crimean Bridge, an incident the Kremlin called an “act of terrorism”.

This weekend, Russian President Vladimir Putin put one of his best men in charge of the war in Ukraine.

Sergey Surovikin, a Russian army general, was appointed “commander of a joint force group in a special military operations zone” on Saturday, the name Russia gave to its neighbor’s invasion.

With this decision, Moscow gave an overview of its war strategy, hours after the partial collapse of the Crimean bridge, in the early hours of last Saturday, when a truck exploded, burning seven fuel tanks.

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