The prud’hommes gave excuses to the Miss France pageant being attacked by feminists

The association “Osez le Féminisme” saw his request rejected by the Bobigny labor court. Activists are demanding the removal of the registration requirement.

Does the Miss France competition promote “discrimination”? What is denied to some is a very serious workhorse for the association “Dare Feminism“. This Friday, January 6, the Bobigny court ruled to dismiss the claim of the feminist activist, who described the conditions for entering the competition (age, height, marital status, etc.) as “wild», and want to enforce employment contracts for candidates in the election.

Legal action starting in October 2021, launched by the association, supports three women who had to give up competition for not respecting entry requirements.

Dare feminismbased on a 2013 court decision, regarding the Mister France competition, which has qualified the candidates as “employeefrom the organizers. As a result, labor law will apply to the Miss nominee for the national crown. This would prohibit, in practice in recruiting, most of the criteria set by the Miss France committee, concerning the candidates’ appearance, their marital status, or their past behavior.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of the annual event and company president of Miss France, changed the conditions of access to the competition last June. He has detailed his decision with Figaro TV Magazine :”From now on, I’m only asking young women over 18 years of age, at least 1.70 meters tall – because they’re wearing designer dresses and there’s a minimum size requirement – and female in civil status, which has happened before. Finally, in keeping with the spirit of Miss France values, candidates presenting themselves must not make pornographic films or photos or have criminally reprehensible comments. The committee then adjusts according to their wishes“.

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The obligation of celibacy has disappeared, and tattoos are now accepted. Finally, if restorative surgery is accepted, aesthetic intervention remains prohibited, Alexia Laroche-Joubert rejects anything “preaching among young girls watching Miss France“. An opening that allows various candidates, and even a transgender person (a man who becomes a woman in civil status), to become the second runner-up in the Miss Paris election.

Legal action, political fight

However, the reform was not enough for the association “Dare Feminism”, according to which other criteria, in particular physical size, constitute “discrimination in recruitment“. His request was denied, the association said to record the decision “intolerable which perpetuates discriminatory and illegal recruitment processesand has the right to appeal.

In a press release this Friday, activists take up the political struggle that underlies their legal action: they denounce competition “from a tradition inherited from the early 20th century, consisting of the selection of the most deserving women by a committee called the “committee of good fathers of the family”“. Maurice de Waleffe, creator of the national competition, is described as “right-wing journalist“. Angry, association indicates that “Feminist action to uphold women’s rights is unfortunately still very much needed“.

When the file was opened, Alexia Laroche-Joubert again emphasized to France Info that “I do not know whether the three people who submitted this application were candidates who did not pass the regional election. What is certain is that they are members of the Osez le feminism association, one of which is the administrator. As luck would have it…“Employers and presenters are shocked that the feminist collective is struggling”ancient“:”I cannot stand the guilt of these young women, who, by choice, participate in this program. Here’s what’s old-fashioned: not considering that women get to decide what they’re going to do with their lives».

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