Teyssier is determined to destroy Ferigno… Summary before Monday January 2nd (SPOILER)

The chef championship candidate arrives at the institute. Emmanuel Teyssier warned his son it would be a bloodbath. As soon as he arrived, Ferigno accused the chef of plotting to remove him from the baking competition. Left alone with Theo, Emmanuel confirmed that this story was true. He explains that he has no choice as his rival will do everything to destroy him. She clarified that he ruined her career and because of her she didn’t open the cake in his name. He added to Theo that he asked him to withdraw from the competition because if Ferigno attacks him he will find it difficult to recover.

Salomé admits to Thomas that she is glad Kelly forgave her so quickly. He took the opportunity to tell her that he wanted to arrange a dinner with his two daughters that same night. He doubted the timing but he underlined that Alyssia asked him questions about Kelly and that he wanted to get on the offense right away. He asked Salomé to attend to take care of the food.

Clotilde Armand announced to the students of the institute how the selection of the championship clerks would take place. Several paired tests will decide between those enrolled and even Master students will be able to participate. Which makes Enzo and Anaïs happy but makes Mehdi and Hortense worry.

In the kitchen, Kelly saw Thomas coming. She stays away but is surprised when he tells her about the message sent. She read it with tears in her eyes and looked reluctant. He left her a few hours to reflect.


Théo announced to his brigade that he was looking for a successor to take the reins of Double A while he was in the championship. Therefore, the lucky winner cannot commit to the competition. Hortense, who is delighted, prefers to accompany an aspiring chef. Jude is the only one who volunteers.

Tom is looking for partners for a clerk competition. He is rejected by Kelly who prefers to stay with Lionel and by Charlène who wants to try her luck with Livio. Amber finally accepts.

Ethan and Samia will be taking the clerk’s exam together. Vic also wanted to take part in observing these great chefs up close. He wanted to ask Enzo but didn’t dare. His sister tells him to take any risk.

Theo asks Eliott to take his place at Double A but he declines due to his tight schedule between the food truck and the nomadic Double A prep. Theo admits to him that only Jude offered but he thought he had no shoulders. What Eliott denies, which convinces us that he is immensely talented and less vulnerable than we think.

Kelly tells Lionel and Laëtitia about Thomas’ dinner proposal. He didn’t want to go there because he thought he had nothing in common with Alyssia. But his mother suggested he go there to give his father and half-sister a chance.

Theo announces to Vic that he will step down from Cercle for the duration of the championship so as not to get caught between his father and Ferigno. He was angry and did not understand this withdrawal. For him, there would be no problem. When he announced the news to Ferigno, Ferigno accepted this decision without hesitation and underlined that it was a good thing because the Circle does not have to support two different candidates. When he finds himself alone with Vic, Ferigno adds that he still suspects Theo of being a Circle spy.

Jude calls Theo to reassure him he has what it takes for the job. If the chef finds his perfect dish, he still has doubts. Jude offers to test him for a service, which Theo eventually accepts.

Battle of the leaders

Ferigno called Circle to come up with a plan. He is wary of Emmanuel Teyssier who will stop at nothing to win. He asked all Circle members to present themselves to a selection of clerks to help him if they were with him or to let him know if his opponent was plotting against him.

He forms a couple: Enzo/Billie and Ambre/Samia. This last tick was because she was already with Ethan but he kept his word and indicated that he would return the favor to all of them if they needed an apprenticeship in the stars. He asks Vic to recruit Mehdi into the Circle and pair himself up if he is his sister’s boyfriend.

Theo asks Axel to help him with Jude’s exam. He wanted to push her to her limits to see how she would react. He plans to sabotage the dish to test it.

The atmosphere is tense in Thomas, Kelly and his half-sisters have nothing in common and struggle to find topics of discussion. They finally broke the ice by talking about Thomas. Alyssia admits to Kelly that she feels something is off between Thomas, Kelly and Laëtitia.

Enzo reports the Circle meeting to Teyssier, who quickly dismisses it. The leader announced to Constance that he refused to let his rival return his student without reacting. He reminded him of what Ferigno did when he was his student. He sabotages other people’s desserts to end up at the top of his class. Upon learning the truth, Emmanuel Teyssier taunts him and wants to fire him but Auguste Armand refuses to let him go. He was sure Ferigno hated him because he never cheated on him. He wanted to take advantage of the leaders’ help to destroy it once and for all.

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