pricing, housing, attending physicians … What should be remembered from Emmanuel Macron’s announcement

As mobilization multiplies, the Head of State spoke this Friday during a visit to the Southern Ile-de-France Hospital Center, in Corbeil-Essonnes to convey his wishes to the medical staff.

It would be an understatement to say that Emmanuel Macron’s announcement this Friday was expected in turn. Laboratories, hospital staff, general practitioners… Mobilizations have multiplied, in recent weeks, to guard against the disintegration of the tricolor health system and team burnout. Additionally, the Élysée acknowledged, on Thursday evening, “very strong tensionburdening entire sectors and professionals, exhausted by the outbreak, and whose problems were known before the emergence of Covid-19.

The Head of State spoke late in the morning, on the occasion of his wishes to the caregivers, at the Southern Ile-de-France Hospital Center, in Corbeil-Essonnes. Purpose : “Give courses to nannies, allow French people to have access to care, and nannies find meaning in their work“, explained the Indonesian President’s entourage Thursday night. The announcement should allow the health system to exit the logic of perpetual emergency, as well as the white coat to survive while waiting for students who benefit from the end of numerus clausus to complete their training. Enough to provide much-anticipated reinforcements in the field… But not for a few years. This is what should be remembered from the words of Emmanuel Macron:

Head of State to professionals: “you hold»

Starting his speech half an hour late, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the white coat. Despite two years marked by Covid, as well as the three epidemics that hit France this winter,”You continue to hold fast, and you raise, with your efforts, the dignity of the Nation“Launch Head of State. He also admittedworry, suffering […]personal and collective exhaustion“health workers, and said they wanted to”get out of this day of endless crisisexperienced by the health care system.

The health system experiences a multifactorial crisis»

The President of the Republic then lists the many shortcomings that the tricolor health system suffers from. Numerus clausus has limited training, heavy administration, partition between city and hospital, 35 hours has “very disturbing hospital“, social change, demographic aging… The list is long, and“it will take a decadeto remedy the situation, said Emmanuel Macron.

10,000 medical assistants by the end of 2024

Avoid burying white coats under administration: this is one of the goals pursued by governments. In his speech, Emmanuel Macron praised the role of medical assistants, of whom 4,000 have been recruited so far: a “real successwhich must be continued, bringing the number to 10,000 by the end of next year, announced the Head of State. Goals to be achieved byincite further», thanks to increased funding.

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Review health studies

The Head of State also called for rethinking health studies, because many young people abandoned the training or failed in the process. Therefore he hopedimprove the Parcoursup system», and review the study function. One “construction will be completed in the summer“. In addition, Emmanuel Macron wants “more empowering system after graduation», to fight against a massive exit to temporary work.

Hospital reorganization on 1 June

At the same time, administrative and technical staff will also be shifted to similar functions in the hospital to free up treatment time. Short term goals are to do everything to keep the staff “. This reorganization work should be established by 1uh June for “strengthening the team at the patient’s bedside “. Each department’s schedule will thus be rearranged under the guidance of the managers. This new division of work time will actually require ” remuneration allocation “Convince the Head of State.

Towards the doctor/administration duo at the head of the hospital

Against bureaucracy, Emmanuel Macron wants to review hospital management. He thus calculatedthat we can put the head of our hospital in tandem with administration and medicine». The way to restore the power of the white coat.

To go out» fee for service in hospital

The Head of State wants to change the way healthcare institutions are financed, by immediately moving away from price fixing service fees. Purpose: to form aremuneration based on public health objectives“, part”arrangementmust be based on whether or not goals are achieved at the local level, adjusted to the realities of the region. This new financing should be applied to the next social security financing project (PLFSS).

Towards decent housing for caregivers

In order to help health workers working in areas where housing is very expensive, the Head of State wants, by next summer, a “joint action plan“. One “special housing stockshould be defined for the professionals concerned, outside of social housing, so that they can live close to their place of work, and avoid significant travel time.

Change doctor’s price

The President of the Republic wants to review doctors’ prices. First, he calledfor a project on the remuneration of night work», especially for caregivers working in hospital emergency rooms. “Emergency measures planned through March will be maintained“, he added. “The difficulty of the mission” will also be at the heart of this reorganization.

Doctors who accept new patients will be paid more

Regarding the doctors in the city, Emmanuel Macron no longer wants “ they get more tired “.”We will pay better salaries to doctors who provide ongoing care and those who treat new patients“, as well as those who agree to train the younger generation,” he said. “We come out of fee-for-service funds to promote the mission and provide a health response to the population”, he justifies himself.

The French will be able to find other professionals for certain actions

The Head of State wants the delegation of daily actions to be strengthened, in order to relieve the overwhelmed doctors. This is for example effective for vaccinations, certain certificates or renewal of prescriptions for chronic diseases.

Patients with chronic illnesses but no doctors should be helped at the end of the year

The Head of State ensures that 600,000 French people with chronic diseases but no doctors will be offered by the end of 2023. In the most serious and urgent cases, Emmanuel Macron also wants to generalize “health access services“: a patient in distress, without a doctor or an unavailable doctor should be able to call 15, to be redirected.

One work» pitched against the bunny at the doctor’s appointment

Emmanuel Macron was also offended by the French not honoring their medical appointments, reproaching “casually“.”Because health no longer has a price, it no longer has valuefor some, he was annoyed. One “work“Therefore it will roll out with Medicare for”put an end to this irresponsibility“, he announced.

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