Johannes Boe atomizes the competition… QFM and Guigonnat in the top 10… Relive the Pokljuka sprint with us

15:24: Come on, let’s bend over, it won’t budge. HUGE performance from Johannes Boe today, who mostly won his 4th sprint of the season and cemented his yellow leader’s bib. Thanks for coming, see you tomorrow for prosecution! Good afternoon everyone.

15:22 : Arf, two errors in position for Oscar Lombardo, who could have stayed in the top 30. Too bad.

15:18: Words from Johannes Boe

“Today was crazy, skiing was the craziest I’ve ever known. Little mistake lying down, I saw Sturla make it and I rushed over. My gun issue was stressing me out a bit, I tried fixing it before I left and it ended up working better than before so that’s good. This hat-trick is great for us, we have to realize the strength of our team. »

15:13 : Well, not too many surprises waiting I have the impression. We follow from afar little Oscar Lombardot, the next generation of French biathlon.

15:10 : Jacquelin 45th almost 3’30… Big cat for Emilien today, I can’t dare to imagine what’s going through his head right now.

3:08 p.m.: Quentin Fillon Maillet’s reaction

“It was a lack of energy on the skis, I did it with what I had. It was frustrating when we were used to first place last season, there I struggled to play up front. I suffer from speed, I have no explanation but I keep fighting. I may have resumed too soon after the end of last season. John? 42 seconds quicker than 2nd in ski time, he’s very, very strong. Clean, beautiful views on skis, we can only say congratulations. »

3:06pm: Tarjei Boe finishes, he takes 2nd place! Just 48 seconds behind his brother, we can tell he put up a good fight.

15:05: Yes Anto Guigonnat! He also stayed hidden, he took 9th place, just behind QFM.

15:03 : Well, the race folded, obviously. I’ll do a little tour of what’s left on the track to see what could change. Apart from Tarje, I don’t see anyone who will come in and shake the top 10.

15:01 : Tomorrow there will be him and the rest of the world playing for 2nd place. Welcome to Ligue 1.

2:59pm: Johannes Boe is done… 55 SECONDS IN FRONT OF LAEGREID, THAT WAS HORRIBLE! It would be well worth the time to stop for a coffee tomorrow at the start of the chase, it’s phenomenal.

14:58: Oula, three more errors for Jacquelin on his feet, who will finally pick up and above all already said goodbye to any hope of a chase. Big counter performance.

2:57 p.m.: The Tarjei hop hop who we had forgotten about and who is about to come out of the shooting stands in second place behind his brother. Smells like triple Norwegian this story.

2:56pm: There he is Quentin…. provisional 3rd spot! It wouldn’t be enough but it would be a top 7 or 8 in my opinion.

2:55 p.m : In that line is the Doll currently holding the first place. QFM coming soon.

14:53 : Ah, Christiansen was the last person who could possibly challenge him but he just put three in the pampa on the stand, it’s over.

2:52 PM: AND JOHANNES WHO SLAPPED EVERYONE! Without fail with lightning speed he went by 35 seconds ahead of Lapshin. Thank you, good bye.

2:51pm: Laegreid replaces him!! 5/5 on the standings for the Norwegian, who would come out in the Lapshin age.

2:50 p.m : New time reference at the exit of the standings, Lapshin leading by a good margin. Not good news for our Blues.

2:48pm: Giacomel out 2nd in same second as Krcmar, 4th QFM in 7 seconds.

2:47pm: QFM and Giacomel stand up at the same time… One mistake for Quentin and two for the Italians, not so bad for the French!

2:47pm: Here comes Emilien laying down… Afternoon TWO MISTAKES are impossible!!

14:46 : News from Emilien Jacquelin, right on time at the first half and on his way to his first shot.

14:44: Ah, we have our first 10/10! This is the work of Czech Michal Krcmar. But only 6 seconds ahead of Doll, she skis much slower, it won’t last long.

2:43pm: Laegreid’s mistake on the couch! And J.Boe is coming now… Also a mistake!

14:42 : Ok it was Johannes who put in 11 seconds for Giacomel, who himself has put the competition far behind. They’ve come a long way from petit fours for the Norwegian.

14:41 : Not 10/10 for now! Doll, Leitner, and Hartweg stood up.

2:40pm: Rho Giacomel also 5/5, 12 seconds quicker at the launch pad exit. EXPLOSION. He gave us the race of his life for now.

2:39pm: Fillon Maillet on the couch… YES FULL QUENTIN! He came out 3rd, 5 seconds behind Doll, he was in the game.

14:37 : Little Italian Giacomel put rockets on skis, that’s impossible. It takes 7 seconds for everyone in just 2.5km, that’s ridiculous.

2:35 p.m : Laegreid and Boe are also on track! The two Norwegians followed each other by a minute.

14:33 : QFM lost, and not too bad as he was only 4 seconds behind Claude in the first intermediate.

14:32 : Really fast, sprint, prone shot, standing and it’s done. With two faults, that would be a top 10 at best, if you ski fast…

2:31pm: Ouch ouch Fabien Claude is about to shoot twice! He missed the first two before getting up and wearing another, certainly a minor adjustment issue (and certainly no podium for him).

2:30 p.m.: Come on, first competitor to the couch. Without fail for Doll, which will serve as a good reference time for those who follow.

14:28 : Fak and Iliev are still there… I feel like I’ve seen them since I started biathlon, but I know Raphaël Poire.

14:26 : Fabien Claude takes the lead for now in the first half, he’s on the run for the Frenchman.

14:24 : The weather is nice, and it seems a bit too hot in Pokljuka today. This will give a delicious soup on the track.

14:22 : The first Frenchman of the day, Fabien Claude, at the starting gate. Athletes start every 30 seconds.

2:20 p.m.: Let’s race! Austrian Felix Leitner opened the track, Benedikt Doll right behind.

14:18: New points system

For the most avid among you, know that a new scale has been implemented this season, which benefits the first six races of every race. The winner is now awarded 90 points (the previous 60 points), the second 75 points (against 54), and the third 60 points (against 48). Another update, we’re no longer writing off the two worst results at the end of the season.

14:14 : The current World Cup is dominated by the Norwegian duo J.Boe – Laegreid. A difference of 34 points between the two, the rest of the world is 250 points behind. Suffice it to say they will play the big globe in two to the end.

2:11pm: Point on France’s starting order and some of the favourites

1 – Leitner at 14:20

5 – Fabien-Claude


21 – Fillon Maillet


29 – Laegreid

34 – Christians

37 – Jacqueline

39 – Guigonnat

41 – Tarje Boe

14:07 : A little info about Johannes Boe having problems with his rifle while warming up and having to tinker with it. Not good news for the race, he had to pray that it would be held.

14:05 : QFM in particular are having a bit of trouble getting back on their feet after a crazy season last year. He doesn’t go very far each time but he’s missing the little things that make the difference. There we will see what happened to this recovery, apparently he was sick during rest.

14:03 : Gentlemen sprint, therefore, this afternoon. We hope the clicks are for the French biathlete, not in the party since the start of the season. Emilien Jacquelin made several podiums, Fabien Claude continues to improve, but not crazy either.

2:01pm: The cowhide top we left behind for this live!

9:00 am: The problem

This is a problem when you have a successful team. As soon as the results are not good, direct drama. Take the French men’s biathlon team, for example, which has accustomed us to winning one race out of two (or nearly) in recent years. It’s been more complicated this season, with still zero success after eight individual races. If Emilien Jacquelin saved the furniture, Quentin Fillon Maillet, who crushed last year’s competition, is clearly in trouble with 8th place overall. The Jura player hasn’t done much better than 4th and seems to be struggling to manage his new status. The aim now is to increase strength in a World perspective, in February. It started today with this Pokljuka sprint.

>> We met around 2pm to finally see the French put Boe and Laegreid in their places (yeah)…

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