iPhone SE 4: Release date, price and other rumors

The iPhone SE is Apple’s most economical smartphone yet, offering flagship performance for half the price of its high-end models. The problem is that the iPhone SE 3 has the same design and screen as the iPhone 8, the iteration that was released in 2017.

So it does look a little dated compared to Android, but rumors suggest that could change with the next generation SE, which is expected to be released in 2023 or 2024.

Here’s everything there is to know about it, from speculation about its launch date and price to its potential specs.

When will the iPhone SE 4 be released?

Apple doesn’t update the iPhone SE every year. It has taken almost four years between the release of the first and second generation SE, and just under two years between the SE 2 of 2020 and the SE 3 of 2022. Hence, we should expect the release of the iPhone SE 4 in early 2024.

The original source of the launch speculation came from Ross Young. He already predicted in January 2022 that the release of the device would take place in 2023 or 2024.

On Ming-Chi Kuo’s side, he claimed in January 2023 that the iPhone SE 3 may never be released. According to analysts, the company needs to reevaluate its strategy and pricing, as upgrading to full-screen will result in higher production costs and, therefore, higher prices.

Of course, this isn’t final and Apple has plenty of time to reconsider its strategy.

How much does the iPhone SE 4 cost?

The iPhone SE is designed to be Apple’s low-cost, affordable smartphone, so while there may be slight variation in price from the current one, we don’t expect too much of a price increase.

So we expect the iPhone SE 4 to cost about as much as the iPhone 3, despite the advertised screen and design improvements.

For reference, here are the current prices for the iPhone SE lineup:

  • 64GB: €559
  • 128GB: €629
  • 256GB: €759

What to expect from the iPhone SE 4

Even though we’re still two years away from the release of the next iPhone SE, the rumors give us an idea of ​​what to expect.

Fresh design

The next iPhone SE can finally make the jump to all screens, with sizes between 5.7 and 6.1 inches, either way, this is what analyst Ross Young had to say in a tweet from October 2021 .

Finally, after discussing the next smartphone MacRumors in October 2022, he claimed the brand would opt for a 6.1-inch display with a notch. It could have the same chassis as the iPhone XR, with full screen and all the other advantages that this type of display offers.

Jon Prosser also gave his thoughts on the upcoming iPhone SE, noting that it could have a similar form factor to the iPhone XR. He even worked with designer Ian Zelbo to create the renders:

Even without specific changes, the update would be a significant step up for Apple’s budget iPhone lineup, especially considering that most of the complaints about the 2022 iPhone SE have to do with outdated aesthetics.

face ID

Imagine Apple adopting the same build as the iPhone 11 for the next iPhone SE, then there would be hope that it will finally ditch the Home button with Touch ID for the full screen with Face ID.

Ross Young thinks the iPhone SE 4 will feature a notch, but he didn’t explicitly confirm the inclusion of Face ID. There’s always the possibility that it only houses the front camera and the company opts for a Touch ID reader that sits in the ignition button, like the iPad Air and Mini.

If logic dictates that it has the large notch associated with the iPhone 11, then you should also consider the smaller Face ID notch available on the iPhone 13 line and the Dynamic Island technology available on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple will probably provide the latter in all its smartphones in 2024…

Updated new chip

In recent years, the iPhone SE has matched the flagship iPhone lineup in terms of processing power. This is one of the main selling points of affordable iPhone over Android.

So if the iPhone SE 4 is released in early 2024, it could feature the yet-to-be-announced A17 Bionic processor, which is expected to be the chipset for the 2023 iPhone lineup, likely with less RAM.

Ming-Chi Kuo estimates it will increase to 4GB, a 25% increase from the current model’s 3GB.

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