Hubside.Store, the European benchmark for refurbishments

A specialist in new and refurbished multimedia, repair and refurbishment, in the physical point of sale, Hubside.Store has experienced tremendous growth since its creation. Already present in six countries, the brand now looks to continue spreading on a European scale while becoming a major player in the revamped multimedia market.

Up 20% between 2021 and 2022, the refurbished market has been growing fast for several years. If the sale of these items is mainly done on the internet, Hubside.Store is betting on a one-stop shop. Created in 2020, this subsidiary of the Indexia group, a specialist in smartphone refurbishment, design and distribution of services in the high-tech world, valued at €1.1 billion and already has 3,000 employees, has the distinction of being the only brand to offer refurbished products for physical sales. ” Despite the booming market, some consumers are being held back by buying used products through public photos on websites explained Jean-Pierre Galera, Deputy Managing Director of Indexia. ” Mainly because these markets work with large volumes and pay less, they often buy a lot in the United States or Asia, repackage it in China and then sell it. »

At Hubside.Store, every product sold is updated internally within the Indexia group technical center in Romans-sur-Isère, on Drôme, from where around 15,000 updated products come out every month thanks to 200 repair technicians. Thus, Hubside.Store controls the entire process, from the rebuild stage to the final sale, all in short circuit. ” This is the originality of our concept » added Jean-Pierre Galera “And if the product is too damaged, we restore the components, which allows us to supply ourselves and never run out of parts. »

500 stores within two to three years

Smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, Hubside.Store offers all products from the biggest brands, new and refurbished. The customer can thus choose the goods he wants at the same price as on the internet. In-store direct selling also facilitates the recovery of mobile phones with more attractive estimates for consumers.

At Hubside.Store, apart from buying new and used media products, customers can also choose other services to maximize their purchasing power. Among them, the Hubside Reward Club loyalty program allows you to benefit up to 2,400 euros in benefits per year (deductions and reimbursement of purchases from partner brands in food, recreation, fashion, gift cards, etc.). Also a rental service (Pass’Location) to support consumption ” useful “ on product purchases “abandoned”, repair and recycling to extend the life of their devices, recovery and collection of used multimedia devices to give them a second life and encourage reuse: customers can go to a store with their used cell phone, its value will be estimated, and they will walk away with their new cell phone , only pay the difference. The brand has also set up Buy Back, which allows, for a monthly subscription starting from €9.90, to get a phone from a higher range every year. ” For example, as soon as a new smartphone is released, customers come to the store and return their iPhone 13 to us in exchange for the iPhone 14. This gives them access to a newer model on a small budget. »

Having crossed the border into Spain, Portugal and Belgium, the 120-store brand recently exported its concept to Italy by opening 3 new stores in Milan and Turin. The brand plans to continue to spread its offerings internationally by establishing itself in the German market while taking advantage of the rapidly developing market dynamics. “We are targeting 500 physical points of sale in two to three years” the ambitions of Jean-Pierre Galera.

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