Bastien Vivès became the target of an investigation into the distribution of child pornography

JOEL SAGET/AFP (FILES) In this file photo taken on August 30, 2021, French comic writer Bastien Vives poses during a photo shoot in Paris. – The comic world has been rocked by controversy over the place Vives was given in an exhibition planned for the 2023 Angoulême Comics Festival, as the illustrator was accused of promoting incest and pedo-criminality through some of his work. (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP)


The case of Bastien Vivès: an investigation into the distribution of child pornography is opened

COMIC STRIP – The Nanterre prosecutor’s office confirmed, this Friday, January 6 to AFP, the opening of an investigation targeting comic book designer Bastien Vivès and that two publishers have published some of his work for the distribution of child pornographic images.

This initial investigation, which was entrusted to the brigade for the protection of minors, targeted the 38-year-old author, 9th art magnate, as well as publishers Glénat and Les Requins Marteaux who published three of his works in 2011 and 2018. The investigation was opened after a complaint was filed in end of December by the association of the Children’s Foundation with the Nanterre prosecutor’s office. To be contacted, the Glénat edition could not immediately be reached.

This complaint, part of which has been disclosed by franceinfo, targets which three comics “conveying representations of minors, in sexually explicit situations, unquestionably featuring a pornographic character”. These three albums are titled Little Paul (Glenat, 2018), Mental Trash (Shark Hammer, 2018) and Angry Melons (Shark Hammer, 2011).

The latter, “Bastien Vivès directs Magalie, a young underage girl who is repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped”said The Children’s Foundation, quoted by franceinfo. “An incestuous relationship was also carried out between Magalie and her older sister, Petit Paul”which “lack of consent” is “presented as clear”continued the association.

If an investigation is opened into distribution of child pornography, investigators are not required to limit themselves to this single criminal offense during their investigation.

Controversy in Angoulême

Another association, Innocence in jeopardy, also filed a complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office in late December against Bastien Vivès and the same publisher, considering these three comic strips to be part of the distribution of child pornographic images but also incitement to commission sexual assault against minors. and dissemination of messages of violence to minors. “These works present demeaning images of minors who are subjected to inhumane and abusive treatment”considered Innocence in danger in his complaint.

At this stage, the complaint in Paris has not yet been combined with the investigation in Nanterre. However, Innocence’s attorney in jeopardy, Delphine Girard, welcomes the opening of an investigation into Nanterre, hoping that “effective prosecution and that children’s rights are respected”. “It is unacceptable that we can damage the representation of minors, and images of sexual harassment, under the pretext of humor, can be broadcast”said Delphine Girard on Friday.

As 2022 draws to a close, comic book festival Angoulême finds itself at the heart of a controversy by giving authors full power to arrange retrospectives on their work. At the heart of these protests, several titles by Bastien Vivès depict minors in the face of sex, sometimes with incestuous patterns and controversial statements regarding this.

The Angoulême Festival finally announced the cancellation of the exhibition for ” threat “. Amid the controversy, Bastien Vivès apologized in December, assuring on Instagram that he had done so “never want to hurt victims of crime and sexual harassment” and “Cursed child crime, and its apologies and simplifications”.

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