“Anger against Macron still intact”: will the Yellow Vests succeed in reviving the movement this Saturday, January 7?

Four years after the start of this unprecedented movement, it is trying to rise from the ashes this Saturday, January 7, 2023 in Paris, and across the country, fighting inflation and facing a new pension reform that is crystallizing tensions. .

Will the start of this year mark the return of the Yellow Vests every Saturday? Four years after the launch of this unprecedented social movement, a new mobilization is being organized this Saturday, 7 December in Paris.

Can success be there? “It’s always very difficult to predict, warned Emmanuelle Reungoat, a lecturer in Political Science specializing in the yellow vest. Many stay away from the struggle because they experience repression. And many are wondering about the use of this fight.”.

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However, hard cores remain everywhere in France and, after inflation, future pension reforms promise to spark new sparks from this citizen protest. Most, “The sleeping network remains ready to be mobilized. For many people this mobilization is proof that by coming together they can change the world, it is called ’empowerment’“, explained the political scientist.

Banner removed in Montpellier

In Montpellier, the history of the Prés d’Arènes roundabout never stops. Richard and Gilbert hoped to find mobilization from the start but “The bullying has done a lot of harm. There is fear among some. However, we are measuring the annoyance and anger synonymous with 2018. Maybe even higher”, warned these two retirees who would not ride to Paris. But who will occupy their Montpellier roundabout, as they do every Saturday. Then will go to the Place de la Comédie at 2pm.

Yellow vest demonstrations this Saturday, January 7 against various reforms (i.e. pensions and unemployment), purchasing power, soaring inflation, poverty, energy, breakdown of public services..

RDV 12:00 Breteuil place
Departure at 14:00 for Bercy pic.twitter.com/AaVfglZRN6

— Yellow Vest (@GiletsJaunesFr_) January 3, 2023

A sign that mobilization was concerned at the highest peak in the state, police came on Wednesday to take down banners reading: “Macron and the law outside!”. “We see it as a pressure shot, it’s a sign they are starting to panic at the top”laughed Richard.

Six months in prison and complete mobilization

Nîmes Roland Veuillet will be mobilized in Gard as he has been from day one “November 17, 2018”. The Yellow Vest man paid dearly for his protests: six months in prison and a fine of nearly 4,000 euros: “All disputed and reimbursed by the State”, specify this retired Diknas. For him “The protests are intact, the anger at Macron remains the same. But many are hopeful. It remains a pervasive movement, elusive”.

“The Yellow Vests’ ideological structure is very heterogeneous: they agree on the economy, on purchasing power, on tax justice, less on social issues like immigration, cultural identity or security. That fact doesn’t translate into a political movement. As for unions, they are very distrustful of they”explains Emmanuelle Reungoat.

Another shape to create?

It’s hard to imagine the convergence of struggles though “several thousand people were able to quickly raise a demonstration march in Nîmesrecalled Roland Veuillet. This movement can be successful because its breeding ground is conducive to an even stronger social explosion.”. Maybe in the form of a Yellow Vest, maybe “under the others that remain to be discovered”he argued.

Of course, there were only about thirty people active on the Prés d’Arènes roundabout when there were up to 300 people at the peak of the movement: “There is still the spirit of the Yellow Vests, an impregnation in social movements. A movement without labels, without unions and far from political parties”recalled Gilbert.

There is still a spark to start again like in 18.

Calls on social networks

This call to demonstrate on January 7 in Paris is gaining momentum on social networks. Since the end of the year, the Yellow Vests Facebook page “All in Paris on January 7” has been shared regularly. On Twitter, the hashtag #GiletsJaunes7janvier generated a lot of enthusiasm. For Internet users, this event is called: This Saturday, January 7th is called “Paris, round 114”.

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