TRUE OR FALSE. Vaccine against Covid-19: is serum really the cause of “unexplained cardiac arrest”?

Internet users claim, with video support, that unexplained deaths, linked to heart attacks, have occurred in France. The latter believes that a vaccine against Covid-19 is responsible for these deaths. La Dépêche du Midi notes.

Two years after the first vaccination against Covid-19, the serum still inspires disbelief among some detractors. On social networks, Internet users claim, with supporting videos, that some French hospitals are currently observing an exponential number of “unexplained” heart attacks. The latter is based, among other things, on broadcast testimonies BFM TV. Facing the camera, we see Charlotte Zanin, a French woman who explains that her mother will die unexpectedly. “Unfortunately, I think everyone knows where it comes from… This experimental ‘vaccine'”, commented an interested party in a post shared on social networks on December 31 and viewed more than 45,000 times.

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The video extract in question lasts longer than 80 seconds. Interviewed, Charlotte Zanin testified to her mother’s death: “Everyone dies of heart attacks, but we don’t even know where it comes from”, protested the young woman on the small screen. He also pointed out that the doctors were unable to explain “why” his mother died.

Complaints before the start of the vaccination campaign

As explained by our colleague from TF1 news, this video excerpt is actually taken from a lengthy interview of over 16 minutes which was broadcast on BFMTV on December 28. The news channels are constantly eager to return to the deaths that occurred in a shocking manner within the same medical institution: the Remiremont (Vosges) hospital center. However, these deaths cannot be attributed to vaccination against Covid-19. And for good reason, the latter actually happened before the start of the vaccination campaign. Following the death, four complaints were issued against the health agency, and two of them were filed before December 2020. The published extract was eventually withheld voluntarily.

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On the issue of vaccines, pharmacovigilance that has been running for two years allows health authorities to know more about the side effects and “risks” associated with vaccinating against Covid-19. It is now accepted that vaccines using messenger RNA technology (such as Pfizer and Moderna) can cause myocarditis – in other words, inflammation of the heart muscle – but the authorities responsible for pharmacovigilance have never detected sudden, unexplained cardiac arrest in humans. who have been previously vaccinated. In its most recent report, published last November, the National Agency for Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) explained that the “European evaluation” of Covid-19 vaccines has never been possible to identify any “link” between the vaccine and potential heart attacks.

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In December 2021, the Toulouse research team investigated the question, explaining among other things that the risk of myocarditis is more common in young people. “Our study provides new information for adolescents and confirms what has been observed in adults, but does not measure the risk and does not call into question the benefit/risk balance of vaccinating against Covid-19. Our work is not a warning but a piece of information”, explained Dr. François Montastruc, physician pharmacologist at the pharmacovigilance center of the University Hospital Toulouse, in our column.

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