Séverine Chavrier leaves the Orléans Drama Center for the Comédie de Genève

Séverine Chavrier, director of the National Dramatic Center of Orléans (CDNO) since 1 January 2017, will chair La Comédie de Geneve, on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the cultural capital of Switzerland this coming July.

The largest theater in Switzerland

It’s almost like going home for Annemassienne, whose appointment was made official on Monday, December 19 in Geneva. Franco-Swiss by paternal grandparents, Séverine Chavrier was born in Lyon but raised in Annemasse, where his parents still live. He therefore knows the Lake Geneva area and the Greater Geneva area well, having earned diplomas in piano and music analysis at the Geneva Conservatory and starting his life there as a spectator.

January 2017: Séverine Chavrier is the new director of the Orléans-Loiret-Centre National Drama Center

He also presented two of his works at the Vidy-Lausanne theatre, another major Swiss theatre: We are satisfied but not repentant, by Thomas Bernhard, and Wild Palmby William Faulkner.

After an initial four-year term, renewed once at the Center Dramatique National d’Orléans, musician, actress and director will therefore lead the largest theater in SwitzerlandLa Comédie (a new building in the Eaux-Vives district that will open in August 2021), with a budget of 16 million euros, which is higher than all French theaters (the largest is the Odéon, in Paris, with 15 million euros), except the Comédie -Française.

His replacement is expected in July in Orleans

Arriving at La Comédie de Genève, which it defines itself as “theater of multiple experiences”Séverine Chavrier, 48 years old, must continue the mission she has done at CDN Orléans.

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The German, trained in music, literature, philosophy, as well as the circus arts, the director of the CDNO actually intended to make “the theater a collective place that unites visual arts, literature, music … and a permanent place of learning, where creation begins from the stage”.

The “new” Comédie de Genève opens at the end of August 2021.

For the Comédie de Geneve, it proposes new projects and languages ​​from existing bases, also draws on Swiss regions, institutions and artists. Among the main orientations of her project: promotion of women in the highlands, contribution of various artistic forms (music, cinema, dance, new circus), inclusion, professional integration of youth, and artistic ecological transition. .

“Such a nomination is as much an honor as it is a challenge. I am delighted to be able to develop an ambitious project, especially concerned with French-language creation and its articulation with the international scene, the presence of women, youth and the challenge of sustainability . I will defend the living art of artists whose subjective authenticity gives a strong place proud of literature, image, gesture, and body.”

Severin Chavrier (director of the Orléans National Drama Center)

Regarding his replacement at the head of the Orleans institution, we will have to wait for the results fromthe call for tenders was launched by the oversight body, the Ministry of Culturehence the latter option is validated by the local authorities (City of Orléans and Region Center Val de Loire).

Arthur Nauzyciel, director of the Orléans-Loiret-Centre National Drama Center, leaves his post

Katia Beaupetit

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