Russia pays tribute to the soldiers who died at Makivka, Kyiv expects a new offensive

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today’s news

Rallies to pay tribute to the soldiers. This Tuesday, in Russia, people prayed and laid wreaths in memory of the 63 soldiers who died in a Ukrainian attack on New Year’s Eve in Makïivka, near Donetsk. Moscow even revised its figures upwards Tuesday night. “The number of our comrades who died has reached 89,” General Sergei Sevrioukov said in a video statement released by the Defense Ministry.

In Samara, the hometown of most of the fighters who died, 200 people gathered, with the approval of the authorities. An unusual fact in Russia, where the powers that be keep quiet about military losses in Ukraine.

After numerous defeats in recent months at the front, the soldier’s death caused a flood of criticism against the Russian command, even among supporters of the invasion of Ukraine, which began more than ten months ago.

Several commentators, influential on social networks, strongly criticized the fact that the ammunition would be stored not far from the building used to house soldiers.

today’s sentence

We have to make sure – and we will do everything to ensure that this terrorist cause fails like no other. […] This is the time when all involved in protecting the heavens must be extremely careful. »

These are the words spoken by Volodymyr Zelensky. The head of state, warned by his intelligence service, claims he faces a threat: a prolonged Russian attack aimed at “tiring” Ukraine, as reported by the BBC.

In response to these new attacks, Ukraine’s president multiplied phone conversations Tuesday with his fellow allies during the day and reported them on his social networks.

“We discussed continuing defense cooperation. We agreed to intensify our efforts to get closer to victory this year,” Zelensky tweeted after discussions with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The prime ministers of the Netherlands and Norway were also consulted. On Monday, Kyiv again came under fire from Iranian-made drones, but most of them were shot down, authorities said. Zelensky claims that his troops destroyed a total of more than 80 aircraft.

Number of days

40%. Such as the percentage of Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia since the invasion, which has been liberated. Figures put forward by General Valerii Zaluzhnyi in a Telegram post, while Ukrainian troops took control of Kherson in November, after eight months of Russian occupation.

The military executive also revealed the length of the front line: 3,786 kilometers, including 1,500 kilometers of active lines.


Since September, nearly 500 Russian drones have been shot down by air defenses, said Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. During an interview with a local television channel, the officer was pleased with the good results of the anti-aircraft defense: all 84 drones launched by Russia in the first two days of this year were shot down.

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