PC gamer screen promotion: this 27 inch curved monitor with low price

Good news PC gamer screen promotion: this 27 inch curved monitor with low price

This PC gamer’s 27-inch curved screen will be an ideal asset for all demanding players who don’t necessarily have the budget to buy a Samsung Odyssey for example. This ViewSonic model is currently 25% off, dropping to just $194.99 on Amazon!

ViewSonic VX27118 PC gaming monitor is now cheap on Amazon!

Among the various brands of PC gamer displays, ViewSonic is a well-known one for offering inexpensive yet effective models for low/medium budget gamers. You can even take advantage of it if you already have a high-end display as a secondary or tertiary monitor to enhance your gaming experience or for telecommuting.

  • Currently available for €194.99 on Amazon instead of €259, a 25% reduction.

It is also possible to pay in 4 installments for free to spread the cost if you need!

Purchase the VX2718 for €194.99 on Amazon

The ViewSonic VX2718-PC-MHD is a very good 27-inch gaming screen for a low price

If you’re not familiar with in-game purchases and especially peripherals like screens, be aware that a few concepts are important to keep in mind in this regard:

  • Their size
  • their resolution
  • Their Hz count
  • their response time
  • Their type of slab
  • compatible technology
  • Available connectors

The first two points are important to look at together. Admittedly, while you can find 32-inch screens in Full HD, you’re not going to take full advantage of this screen size. In general, the ideal combination is: 24 inch + Full HD / 27 inch + 1440p / 32 inch + 1440p or 4K. Here, we used a good combination, with a 27 inch monitor with 1440p resolution. This should be fine with a graphics card like the RTX 3070.

  • If you have a more powerful graphics card, you can also use this display as a secondary or tertiary monitor without any worries and thus not do any damage to yourself by purchasing a high-end display for this purpose.

The number of Hz (refresh frequency) then matters. The higher, the better. Indeed, it is he who will determine the number of images per second that the screen can display. Here, it is very good with 165 Hz. Unlike the refresh rate, the panel response time should be as short as possible. It is he who determines the time it takes for your screen to display the image sent by the graphics card. Here it is perfect with only 1ms.

The plate type is less important, but still good to know. If possible, avoid TN panels which currently lag far behind VA and IPS and offer lower image quality. Their advantage, however, remains their price, which is generally lower than other types of slabs. The IPS panel has excellent viewing angles and color fidelity VA, has a very good contrast. They are also often used on curved screens like on this ViewSonic.

In terms of technology, you should pay special attention to FreeSync, Adaptive Sync and G-Sync. Simply put, the Adaptive Sync standard is suitable for all graphics cards, in the same way as FreeSync, although it is slightly more specialized for AMD cards. Nvidia displays will be able to take advantage of this technology, but will be the only ones to take advantage of G-Sync which is its proprietary technology. Here, you will be silent because of the Adaptive Sync that is present!

Then, this display has two HDMI and DisplayPort inputs to be able to connect your PC and console if you wish! Another advantage is the curvature of 1500 R which allows you to enjoy great immersion. Finally, know that it comes with two integrated speakers, allowing you to have sound directly from the screen without having to buy additional speakers.

Purchase the VX2718 for €194.99 on Amazon

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