HP Envy x360 15.6” Laptop Reader Tester: the right compromise between power and mobility

Didier Guenoun, Le Raincy (93)

In its compact chassis, the large screen is the real plus point of this PC which was aimed at during presentations to clients.

Didier Guenoun

Autonomy, ergonomics and power… This is what I ask for my laptop to perform optimally. Until now, I’ve been using another 13-inch HP model for comparison, even though it’s smaller. The format is ultra-thin and easily portable, but the battery barely lasts more than 4 hours. But I need 6 to 8 hours of autonomy. With the HP Envy x360 the autonomy is excellent, I never got to the end! I think we are above 6 hours with wifi on and good light. Battery saver is very effective in optimizing battery life!

I measured the charging time from 0 to 50%, and it took 30 minutes. Charging is super fast, I know it’s for phones, and that’s the argument that made me choose my current smartphone. So, for me, this fast charging is the main buying criterion. To be honest, I’m still embarrassed by my old PC coming to a customer and having to plug it in. From now on, there’s no need to ask for a catch; I can start my presentation right away and even move on with a second client, with confidence. As a backup, I have an external battery compatible with this computer. Another good point!

In terms of chassis and ergonomics, I also had some pleasant surprises! For example, since the HP Envy x360 is a 15-inch model, I thought I should take out my old laptop bag from 10 years ago. Finally the computer went into my bag which was planned to be 13.3 inches. The edges are thin and the chassis is very compact.

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Perfect ergonomics in every way. Sensitive touchpad in all positions, touch screen too. Even vertically, in the classic position, you can point and work with your fingertips on the screen. And when you have some free time, you can put it in tent mode and take advantage of the opportunity to watch videos or do e-learning.

In its compact chassis, the large screen is the real plus point of this PC which was aimed at during presentations to clients. For the weight, it feels like wearing a 13-inch one. The Envy x360 is very light and very good looking. Personally, I did without a charger, so no extra weight. The hinge breathes solidly and I didn’t hesitate to reposition the screen in any direction. Tablet mode lets you read and sign documents naturally with your customers, we really have the perfect tool for anyone who wants to work in paperless mode.

In order to test this PC, I had to back up my data. I simply transferred it with a USB-C key to the HP Envy x360. It’s really useful having 1TB of storage and a super-fast USB-C port. No more hassle with backup disks on the go.

Lastly, for the record, I had to do a lot of computation work on the database to get my files ready. I start the process in the afternoon, and it usually takes 2-3 hours. But thanks to the power of the Intel Core i7 processor, which is able to take all the energy needed to perform calculations from the moment I remove the battery saver, the database update only takes half an hour!

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Antoine Hild, Mulhouse (68)

It is undeniable, the size and quality of the screen make it comfortable to work outside the office.

Antoine Hill

My professional activity regularly takes me down the main road and forces me to work where it is not always suitable. I’ve tried several solutions to work on the go. This new HP is an opportunity to test the new configuration.

It is undeniable, the size and quality of the screen make it comfortable to work outside the office. Indeed, the screen itself is a joy to work with. For some time, I got used to using a tablet more mobile than a PC. However, there are limitations such as screen size that make working with multiple documents impractical. Lastly, the Envy x360 is a great compromise.

On the other hand, its large size and exquisite luminosity allow everyone who passes or sits with you in the TGV car to see what you are doing. So I would advise professionals who need a minimum of discretion to equip themselves with a confidentiality filter or choose an HP model that integrates it directly.

I often find myself working in cramped spaces such as in court where attorneys generally have very little space to consult their files. You have to deal with sometimes thick paper files and PCs that take up a lot of space.

So, the 15.6 inch model is not necessarily ideal, or I have to use the stylus and PC in tablet mode, I think that would be much more practical!

Ditto, during a construction site meeting, without the stylus, we lost smooth operation in tablet mode. Therefore, purchasing a compatible HP pen will be considered for future users.

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On the positive points, it should be noted that the touchpad is quite easy to use and the presence of a conventional USB port allows the use of the security key without using accessories. It starts up quickly, but depending on the lighting and screen tilt, the Windows Hello function can sometimes be slow to detect faces. Personally, I’d love to have a fingerprint reader to make things easier.

For highly mobile use, the PC has shown its limits. That said, having a laptop computer, bigger than a tablet and powerful on the move, provides quite a bit of work convenience.

Once plugged in and with a stable connection, everything was super smooth. I processed an urban planning file with maps in A0 format in PDF and planned without difficulty with multiple files opened in parallel, which was rejected by the computer I was working on today and proved unmanageable on my Tablet!

Elodie Courel, Pamiers (09)

Autonomy is very good. I didn’t need to charge it during the 3 hour drive spent watching videos.

Elodie Courel

I used the computer on a train ride three weeks ago. I use it in tablet mode to watch videos. If not heavy, maybe a little heavy, very suitable for this type of nomadic use. Being able to fold it up saves space and the touch screen is very responsive, more so than the pad which has occasional latency times.

The screen, over sized properly, compensates and accounts for the weight. Carried in a bag on a shoulder strap, the latter is no longer a concern.

Autonomy is very good. I didn’t need to charge it during my 3 hour trip spent watching videos/playing games. Once back home, I recharged my computer very quickly thanks to fast charging technology. Ideal for recharging devices between two trains, for example!

Finally, ignition is also very fast.


This week, we asked testers to evaluate the HP Envy x360 convertible PC in “nomadic” use: on the train, on the go, on an appointment… The result is a practical PC, well suited to mobile situations, and offering enough autonomy (advertised autonomy is 8 hours 30 minutes). Testers appreciated the compromise it offered between a highly mobile, ultralight, and compact device and a rugged, reliable PC with a comfortable screen.

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