how to enable parental control on phone?

Did you just get your child a new phone for Christmas? Turn on and configure the device Parental controls can reassure you about the risks of long-term use or exposure to inappropriate content. The device makes it possible to filter age-related content on several levels, protect against malicious adult contacts, and control smartphone usage time.

Currently, cell phone manufacturers are not required to offer installation of a parental control system with the purchase of a smartphone. Only Internet access providers are obliged to inform their customers about the existence of Internet access filtering tools. A bill plans to make the installation of such a device mandatory as soon as the smartphone is configured in the coming months. However, it is possible to manually adjust the phone’s parental controls.

How to set parental controls on iPhone

Meanwhile, Apple and Google have offered tools preinstalled on smartphones to meet those needs. The feature for iPhone is called “Time screen“. This allows you to define a list of applications whose use is allowed, who to contact, and to control the time spent on the phone.

This tool is available at Settings general from iPhones. It is important to set a parental code to prevent children or others from changing the settings. It is possible to receive activity reports in real time to know your child’s smartphone usage.

In particular, the function “Time off” allows you to set a period during which the phone cannot be used. Useful for blocking its use at night for example. Function “Application limits” allows you to restrict the use of certain applications or even thematic groups of applications (social networks, games, entertainment, shopping, etc.). It is up to you to choose which ones you want to restrict.

It is also possible to set “Communication Boundary” to allow or disallow calls from specific contacts during phone usage limits. For example, you can decide that your child can only be contacted by certain official contacts and block all other contacts.

Lastly, you can also block specific content in tabs “Content and Privacy”. This lets you decide whether your child can access the App Store, contacts, calendar, photos, Bluetooth sharing, microphone, but also the apps of your choice. You can lift this restriction at any time.

How to Install Parental Controls on Android

On the same model, Google also offers tools for users android smartphones, to set restrictions on the Google Play Store app store. From the device in question, open the Google Play app then click on the profile icon at the top right of the screen to access it “Settings” of “Family” and the “Parental Controls” section.

After creating the password, you can set blocking for various content offered in the store, i.e. movies, games and apps. Different blocking options offered to adjust the content displayed to the age of the child in question. It is possible to choose to restrict content that is not suitable for children under ten, for example. You can also prevent in-app or content purchases by adding a password.

Google also offers a Family Link app. Available for free download, it must be installed on the smartphones of parents and children to supervise their use. He allowed lock screen your child at bedtime,
block apps your child shouldn’t use, set device usage times, or approve purchases and new apps your child wants to download.

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