How to choose the right model for your needs?

Total control over components, scalability, versatility, ease of streaming games… There are several good reasons to bet on PC gaming. FYI, video games are resource intensive activities. And traditional computers don’t have powerful enough configurations for intensive use.

Thanks to its immense power and superior capabilities, this gaming PC offers an optimal experience, which is why more experienced gamers love it. However, to play at your best level, it is important to choose a gaming PC that meets your needs. This is a difficult task especially if you are not a geek or a hacker. Certain criteria must be taken into account in order to make a better choice. Let’s find out about them in this article.

Criterion no.1: graphics card

The graphics card or (GPU) is certainly the most important part to consider when choosing your Gamer PC. These elements depend on your 3D gaming experience. In the world of gaming, there are currently two major graphics card manufacturers. They are the ones who share the market.

NVIDIA brand

Very popular, NVIDIA is the most dominant brand. It offers the GeForce lineup with two types of models: GTX and RTX. RTX replaced GTX with newer and more powerful graphics cards. You should know that the higher the model number, the better the GPU performance. You will also find “Ti” and “SUPER” references on the market, which apart from being upgraded versions are slightly more powerful.

AMD brand

Less popular, these brands tend to gain popularity thanks to the Radeon lineup and others. The brand also follows the same logic as NVIDIA, with GPUs having numbers that represent their novelty and power. There are also models marked “XT” which are much more powerful than base cards.

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Criteria no.2: processor

Many gamers want to save money on the processor or CPU when buying their gaming PC. However, it is very important to have a configuration with good component homogeneity. Here too, you will have a choice between two brands namely Intel and AMD. Intel remains the best processor although this is not the case when it comes to gaming except with core i7 and core i9.

On the other hand, AMD currently offers CPUs that are great for all tasks, with greater configuration possibilities for PCs. However, to choose the right processor, you must consider certain factors:

  • Cores and threads: these elements are used to define the number of tasks your computer can perform at one time. Threads are virtual cores which are multiplied compared to the number of physical cores. So you need six cores and twelve threads for gaming. If you want to stream your games, you can go beyond this recommendation;
  • Frequency: to play games, the frequency must be high. Above all, choose a frequency boost between 4.5 GHz and 5 GHz for processors intended for video games;
  • Possible overclocking: this is the possibility of pushing the processor beyond its limits for power. On the other hand, components get hotter and deteriorate more or less rapidly over time. All CPUs from AMD allow this possibility. On the other hand, it’s only possible on Intel with models ending with “K”.

Criterion no.3: RAM

Also called RAM, RAM is also an essential element for a gaming computer. Today, to play quietly on your PC, 16 GB RAM (in DDR4) random access memory is just what you need. Also choose the RAM with the highest possible frequency with the lowest latency (CAS or CL).

Criterion no.4: storage

Even though internal storage is not the most important thing, it still shouldn’t be neglected. The size you need depends not only on the size of the game you want to install, but also on your internet connection. Prefer the SSD, but especially the M.2 NVME SSD to be precise which is at PCI-Express 4.0 for high write and read speeds.

Other criteria that should not be overlooked are: screen (resolution, response time, connectivity), keyboard, mouse and gaming headset. All that remains is to choose a gaming chair for a long game.

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