CAN’T. War in Ukraine. French tanks for kyiv, Russian losses increasing… Bottom line on the 315th day

France promised Ukraine, this Wednesday, January 4, 2023, the delivery of light battle tanks without specifying the quantity or delivery time. Poland will also strengthen its defense equipment by purchasing 116 Abrams tanks from the United States.

For their part, Russian forces have been forced to admit a much larger toll from an attack targeting troops in Makiivka, in eastern Ukraine, on New Year’s Eve, which rose to 89, sparking a new round of condemnation.

The following is an update on the situation for Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 315e war day.

The situation in Ukraine on the 315th day of the war. | WEST-FRANCE INFOGRAPHICS

French tanks for Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron told his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky that France would send to Ukraine “AMX-10 RC light battle tank”on wheels and not on the track, so “very mobile, must be old but efficient”, argued an adviser.

“This is the first time that a tank of Western design has been supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, holding the presidency of France.

The number of tanks and delivery time are not specified. Defense ministers of France and Ukraine will exchange “very fast to define terms” delivery, both in terms of time and quantity.

According to Paris, Emmanuel Macron, who reiterated to Volodymyr Zelensky “unwavering support” from France “until victory”so desired “demonstrates sustainability and continuity” French military assistance.

American tanks for Poland

Poland, Ukraine’s neighbour, has meanwhile signed an agreement to buy 116 Abrams tanks from the United States, as part of strengthening its army. The sale was approved by the US Department of State in December.

The first M1A1 Abrams tanks under the agreement are expected to be delivered later this year in eastern Poland. Last year, Poland had purchased 250 Abrams tanks from the United States which, according to the Polish minister, should be delivered by the end of 2024.

According to a tweet from the Polish Ministry of Defense, the value of the new contract was 1.4 billion dollars, of which 200 million was financed by the American side as part of aid to Poland.

The fighting continued from Donetsk to Crimea

On the front lines in Ukraine, fighting continued on Wednesday. Russian general Sergei Sevryukov claimed that his troops destroyed several Ukrainian missile launchers in Druzhkivka, Donetsk region, and caused heavy casualties after the attack on Makiivka. Ukraine, for its part, reported one death and the destruction of an ice rink.

The governor of the city of Sevastopol, in annexed Crimea, Maikhail Razvojayev, told him that the Russian fleet had repelled Ukrainian drone attacks, two of which were shot down. A Russian occupation official in southern Ukraine, Vladimir Rogov, told him on Telegram that two civilians were killed in Ukrainian shelling of Himars in Vassilevka, in the Zaporizhia region.

On the Ukrainian side, the general staff reported on Wednesday bombings in Kramatorsk (east), Zaporijjia and Kherson (south). The Presidency reported 5 killed and 13 wounded in Russian fire in 24 hours.

Russia admits to increasing losses

Russia has acknowledged an even greater toll from an attack targeting Russian soldiers on New Year’s Eve in Makiivka, eastern Ukraine, which left 89 people dead. These were the heaviest casualties in a single offensive acknowledged by Moscow since the offensive began in February, which came after a series of humiliating military setbacks on the ground. The Ukrainians claimed a much higher toll in the Russian ranks, an estimated 400 killed and 300 wounded.

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According to Russian General Sergei Sevrioukov, it is “the main cause” typing is “massive use by mobile staff” despite a ban on doing so, which allowed Ukrainian forces to geolocate these Russian troop concentrations.

Sergei Sevryukov assures that “Necessary steps are being taken to avoid such tragic incidents in the future” and “those responsible will be held accountable”. According to Russian media, the victims were mobilized, therefore not professional soldiers.

A series of criticisms in Russia

The announcement of the higher casualty toll has not failed to stir up renewed criticism of the Russian military command, which has been criticized on Monday and Tuesday for its actions. “inability” by Russian correspondents and commentators. Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to respond publicly.

Chain boss RTthe Kremlin’s spearhead of international propaganda, Margarita Simonian, called for the names of the Russian officers involved to be announced and “the extent of their responsibility”.

Many Russians have asked on social networks for a transparent investigation into the circumstances of the strike. “They will drag this out and in the worst case scenario they will blame someone,” so afraid of Valery Butorin in the VK network.

According to the Russian army, this strike was carried out using the Himars missile system, a weapon supplied by the United States to Ukraine, which allows it to strike deep behind enemy lines. According to the British Ministry of Defence, given the demolition of the building in Makiivka, “there is a realistic possibility that ammunition is stored near troop bases”.

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