Afghanistan, cocaine, William … In his memoirs, an unfiltered Prince Harry

Will the British royal family survive the explosion of new recognition? After a year-end marked by the screening of a Netflix documentary about Harry and his wife Meghan without sensationalizing accusations, the British monarchy faces more damning revelations about the couple’s 2020 departure for California with the publication of a book on January 10. AlternativePrince Harry’s memoirs.

A story without a filter and one that’s already causing a sensation: The Duke of Sussex recounts a violent altercation with his brother William, after using cocaine, and his opposition to the remarriage of his father Charles, now king, according to excerpts leaked this Thursday.

Silence in Buckingham

Before this dreaded deadline, several media outlets obtained copies of the work, particularly when a Spanish bookstore accidentally sold it. Followed by a flood of astonished extracts, from her bloody engagement in Afghanistan to sordid details such as her cocaine consumption or her loss of virginity.

The main surprise: it depends on Guardian, The Duke of Sussex has accused his brother William, heir to the throne, of knocking him to the ground during his 2019 row over Meghan, whom Harry had married the previous year. William “grabbed me by the collar, ripped my collar off and knocked me to the ground,” Harry recounted, adding that he “landed in a dog bowl”. William would then “apologize”.

Buckingham Palace has remained silent on this information, as is the allegation made in a Netflix documentary series released last month. The couple blamed the royal family for not protecting them and Harry accused his brother of having “yelled” at him in 2020 in the presence of Elizabeth II.

Big unboxing

The flamboyant marriage in May 2018 between Prince Harry, now 38, and Meghan, a divorced mixed-race American actress, seemed to make the royal family look even more beautiful. It quickly devolved into family wars and media abuse, prompting “Sussex” to leave the monarchy with a bang in 2020.

The couple have since publicly criticized the Royal Family and their communications team, including in a 2021 interview in which they accused family members of racism. Since then the two brothers, who once rallied behind their mother Diana’s coffin in 1997, have been openly cool, only appearing together on very rare occasions.

This great unboxing only served to reinforce the Sussexes’ unpopularity in the UK, where much of the press portrayed them as spoiled brats. “I’m tired of all that, tired of hearing about problems in their families when we all have problems in our families,” Catherine Doherty, a 63-year-old secretary in London, told AFP.


Communications at the top of the publication promise to be spot on, with interviews set to air Sunday and Monday in the UK and US, before the leak begins.

The MailOnline thus revealed that Harry made it clear he was against his father’s remarriage to Camilla, fearing she would become a “mean stepmother”. According to the tabloids SunHarry also explained that William and his wife Kate encouraged him, when he was 20, to dress up as a Nazi at a costume party, which caused a scandal.

Sky News recounted the section where Harry admitted to having used cocaine or that he and his brother William were persuaded to request the reopening of the investigation into the death of their mother Diana. Harry also claims to have killed 25 “enemy combatants” during his mission in Afghanistan, without remorse or pride, reports the Daily Telegraph.

” Mission accomplished “

Based on Guardian, Harry mentions throughout his memoirs the difficulty of being a “substitute”. He said in particular that on the day of his birth, his father Charles would say to his mother Diana: “Wonderful! From now on you have given me an heir and a successor – mission accomplished”.

These critics fall amid the transitional period of the British royal family following Charles III’s accession to the throne, following the death of Elizabeth II on September 8 at the age of 96. The Sovereignty of Great Britain and 14 other Commonwealth nations will be crowned on May 6, an event that is proclaimed grand and broadcast around the world.

Will Harry be there? In a trailer broadcast by ITV, the prince was evasive, believing that “a lot could happen between now and then”.

An exclusive interview

Ahead of the release of his memoir, Prince Harry gave two interviews, one to ITV and one to CBS in the United States, which will also air on Sunday.

The interview with Prince Harry, who published his memoirs on when he cooled off with the royal family, will be broadcast in France by TF1 on Monday evening, a day after it was broadcast by British channel ITV, TF1 announced on Thursday.

This interview will be broadcast “exclusively in France on Monday January 9th at 11:10pm on TF1 following the launch of the new series. Toulouse-Lautrec High School “, said TF1 in a press release. The interview was conducted by Tom Bradby, journalist and presenter of British channel ITV, which will air it on Sunday evening.

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