a young entrepreneur his mobile business was stolen

Lea Mie is 31 years old. Originally from La Rochelle, she lives and works in Cognac, but the object of her new life project disappears on the night of December 29 to 30 at her parents’ house in Jarne (Charente Maritime). An old trailer turned into a food truck and customized by Léa’s father. He was parked under the porch in the public yard.

The young woman posted a request for help on her Facebook page. “They stole mine the trailer is registered BQ-071-GQ in La Jarne (17). Those who know me know how close this retraining project is to my heart, and can guess how saddened and disgusted I am by such behavior. If you’ve had the chance to eat one of my cakes (or if you’d like to taste one someday), please help me find one. Here are some photos. It’s an old chrome 1-axle trailer, no 50 around.”

Léa currently works in an association for environmental defense in Charente, but she started a few years ago at a professional retraining project. Travel trade that mixes baking and catering. Young La Rochelle has started all the steps for two years. Starting with mandatory training in selling pastry, diplomas, not to mention the purchase and renovation of trailers and professional equipment. Heavy financial investment. “It’s a lifetime investment, it is my baby [sourire]. I’ve found this trailer for an affordable price. It was also a bit sentimental, because it was a retired pastry and catering chef who sold it to me with his tools and all his advice for carrying out my project.”

A complaint was filed by Léa with the Gendarmerie Angoulins.


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