The Mistake Half People Make When Charging Their Phones.

Recharging your phone doesn’t seem that complicated.

Yet many of us make a number of mistakes.

The problem is that this error can be seriously damage our precious smartphones.

Who would have thought that a simple movement we perform several times a day could have such an effect?

Here are 4 mistakes we all make when charging our phones (and how to avoid them). See :

1. Charge your phone when it gets too cold

With the current cold weather, that’s a mistake we can all make.

With low or even negative temperatures, your smartphone can get very cold.

We just need to spend a little time outside, or forget it in the car.

And jump, it turns into an ice cube.

This little gem of technology was just not made for withstand extreme temperatures.

When he does very coldbattery can run out faster.

But that’s not all. The screen operation may be damaged.

The cold can even turn off your phone.

But the worst thing is if You refill while it’s still cold.

For example, you come home, your laptop freezes.

And you immediately take responsibility.

Well, know that it’s really bad for the battery.

How to avoid this error?

When it’s really cold, it’s best to keep your phone safe, in your pocket, in your bag or in a thermal pouch.

If that’s not possible, and your phone is very cold, just wait 5-10 minutes.

Let it warm to room temperature slowly.

No need to put it in front of a heat source (stove, radiator, hair dryer…).

It can damage it!

You just need to be a little patient and wait.

2. Charge your phone in direct sunlight

Two iPhones side by side close to sunlight

We talk about cold because it’s the season…

But the heat in summer doesn’t get much better!

After testing it last summer, I can tell you it’s not ideal for such a fragile little device.

Especially during summer…

When you charge your device, it tends to heat up.

So if you do it in direct sunlight, that is really too hot.

And it’s not ideal for device components.

How to avoid this error?

Never charge your phone leave it in the sun.

In general, do not expose to direct sunlight or heat.

This is why it is not recommended to leave it in the car or in your pocket, especially in summer, during a heat wave.

And it’s also not a good idea to put it under the pillow.

3. Recharge your smartphone with any charger

A smartphone standing on its charger while charging

Some chargers are of very poor quality…

Others are completely incompatible with your device.

In this case, your battery can be damaged more quickly and its life is reduced.

In the worst case, the device may even catch fire.

How to avoid this error?

Therefore it is best to use a charger from same brand than the smartphone.

We are thus almost certain that the two are compatible.

And this enables efficient and fast charging.

If you want to take a charger from another brand, no problem.

But you just need to make sure they are of good quality and compatible, by looking at technical and opinion sheets for example.

You can also ask the smartphone vendor.

4. Never fully drain the battery before recharging

Someone holding a discharged iPhone with an apple cable next to it

This is a mistake I tend to make on a regular basis.

As soon as I see that my battery is low, I quickly charge it.

To my credit, I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t wait until the battery is empty to plug in your phone.

But actually it depends on the model.

This is not necessarily a good idea for all smartphones.

For example, for an iPhone battery, it is recommended to leave it alone discharge completely once a month.

Apple said so, as we explain to you here.

How to avoid this error?


Once a month, let the iPhone battery drain completely.

When completely empty, reload.

It’s a simple way to keep it going longer and save money.

Your turn…

And you, have you ever made one of these mistakes while recharging your phone? Let us know in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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