Priscilla Majani was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison

Priscilla Majani remains in prison. On Wednesday 4 January, the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence confirmed the 48-year-old mother’s guilt of kidnapping and the absence of a child, which was convicted on 23 November by the Criminal Court of Toulon, and sentenced her to two years and nine months in prison. As an additional penalty, the court ordered a ban leaving the national territory for three years, as well as deprivation of their civil, civil and family rights during the same period.

As compensation for the moral damage, Mr.I Majani was ordered to pay 30,000 euros to Alain Chauvet, her ex-husband and father of their daughter. Unlike the court, the court of appeals did not maintain a false complaint against the defendant, who in 2011 accused the child’s father of rape and sexual assault. He was therefore acquitted of these charges.

In its decision handed down on January 4, the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence took this into account “Priscilla Majani placed herself in omnipotence, boasting of her own right to dispose of the life of the couple’s child in disregard of the father’s rights, and even though the child was, at the time of the complaint, there was no emotional breakdown in her relationship with the father”.

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MI Majani, a military engineer, left Var overnight with his five-year-old daughter in 2011 after accusing his ex-husband Alain Chauvet of raping and sexually abusing the child. The complaint was dismissed, after a gynecological examination revealed no anal or genital lesions and the psychological report concluded that there was no psychological distress or sexual disorder or phobia.

After eleven years on the run, Priscilla Majani was arrested in February 2022 in the Swiss canton of Vaud during a simple roadside check. She has settled in Switzerland under a fake identity with her daughter after living in various countries. Extradited to France in August 2022, he was placed in pre-trial detention before being tried in Toulon on September 16.

The teenager filed a complaint against his father

On first instance and appeal, Mr.I Majani presents herself as a protective mother, after trying to save her daughter from her abusive father: “Going out with my daughter was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”, she says. The court sentenced him to five years in prison, a sentence he promptly increased.

In its decision, the court observed that the consequences of this run were “dramatic” for the kid, that is “first suddenly uprooted from her emotional and geographical environment, then being raised without her father, which could give rise to flaws in her construction, growing up in hiding, therefore in an insecure environment, under a false identity, and fear of men this, which must have been a source of great suffering for him.”.

Now 17 years old, the young girl lives with a foster family and her guardianship has been entrusted to the Swiss child protection service. Five days before his mother’s appearance on appeal, the teenager had filed a complaint against his father for sexual, physical and psychological abuse. The defendant’s attorney also released a video in which he repeats his accusations against his father and praises his mother. But for the court, this testimony “allows us to understand some of the damage done to this young girl”.

“The conditions for Priscilla Majani’s arrest, with an arrest warrant, for running away so as not to respect the court’s decision, and her words are still in court, prove that there was no examination at all against the accused, is clear. ready to leave the region again to escape his responsibilities in the face of justice and its sanctions. »

These are all elements that the appellate judge makes up ” urgent ” prison sentence announcement, “other sanctions that are manifestly inadequate. » Many personalities, including Eva Darlan, and anonymous expected her release, showing their support for Priscilla Majani under the collective slogan: “I will do like him”. The online petition had over 12,000 signatures as of Wednesday January 4th.


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