Navigo: 35,000 customers fell victim to a bug when topping up their credit on a smartphone

The year started off rather badly for the 4 million Navigo pass subscribers. Those who chose to top up their pass via smartphone this Tuesday morning fell victim to a major bug. When paying for their package at a price of 84.10 euros (up 11.8% since January 1), about 35,000 subscribers were debited several times, and not 100,000 people, as previously announced. The fact remains that this bug affected 100,000 transactions.

“The Île-de-France Mobilités application experienced a technical problem regarding the purchase of Navigo tickets on smartphones, which caused thousands of people to be charged several times, confirmed Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM). After the mobilization of (our) team, this incident is now resolved.”

The authority that regulates transportation in Ile-de-France, however, ensures that all purchases made on Tuesdays can be cancelled, and therefore without affecting bank accounts. Only those created on the app, Monday nights between 10:30pm and midnight are actually taken. About 5000 people. And the amount will be returned no later than Friday. “The persons concerned will be replaced automatically, without action on their part, in the coming days, assured IDFM, which determined that Bonjour RATP and SNCF Connect have also been affected, as these are services provided to carriers. provided by Île- de-France Mobilites”. The public agency “expresses a full apology and sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused”. IDFM announced that it will summon the payment system provider (Worldline) for an explanation.

Passes reloaded on the robot, at the station or train station, are not affected. “Only loads on smartphones”, specify IDFM. These customers are encouraged to check their bank statement to ensure that some charges have not been made.

On Saturday, the app appeared to be crashing and slowing down. On social networks, many bug victims expressed their ignorance and anger. “I was debited 336 euros this morning”, testified one user on Twitter. Another said he had “cut almost 700 euros” for the simple refills in the month he’s been trying to do since Monday night.

504 euros pending debit

Matthieu, a resident of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, suffered six “in progress” debits from his bank account. “I tried loading my pass with my iPhone around 9am, using the Bonjour RATP app. Every time, I get an error message… I updated my credit card coordinates, without success. Finally, I can refill my ticket with the robot at my station. But then I discovered that I had six payments in my bank account! “Either 504 euros less to start January. Matthieu contacted Navigo customer service. “They reassured me by telling me that there is a high probability that the amount will not be debited. But it has limited my banking limits. If the debit passes, I hope they will refund my money quickly to avoid overdrawing and agios payments.”

Like Matthieu, most connected transport users prefer to buy tickets online. Downloading Navigo on a smartphone, available on Android and iOs (Apple) devices, makes it possible to avoid queuing at the beginning of the month in front of vending machines. Since last October, Android smartphones can also function as validators. A service that will arrive on iPhone in late 2023.

According to IDFM, sales of transportation tickets in digital format have more than doubled last year. According to figures set last June, paper represents only 45.6% of sales. Most of the tickets distributed were Navigo Easy refill passes (38.8%), Liberté + (9.6%), and on Samsung smartphones, compatible since 2019 (6.7%). But most users are still tied to physical services, such as purchases at the counter. This early 2023 bug in the smartphone doesn’t exist to convince them.

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