investigation was opened after the school evacuation

AFP/AFP via Getty Images French police and police escort the hearse (L) carrying the bodies of victims of yesterday’s gun attack on the Jewish school “Ozar Hatorah” as they arrive on the tarmac of Toulouse airport, southwest France, on March 20, 2012. of three Children French-Israeli and a Jewish teacher who was killed in a gun strike started their journey today from the school where they died while being buried in Israel. PHOTO AFP / REMY GABALDA (Image credit should be read REMY GABALDA/AFP via Getty Images)

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All schools affected by the threat were immediately evacuated and searched by the police. Draw.

HACKS – Back to school that is more than distracted. An investigation opened in Paris after a bomb threat or explosive attack was made on a hacked digital student workspace (THT). After a false bomb or explosion alert, around twenty schools were evacuated in France on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 January, particularly at the Lille academy.

An open investigation into death threats and attacks on automated data processing systems and the investigation was entrusted to the Central Office for Combating Information and Communication Technologies Related Crimes (OCLCTIC), according to the Paris prosecutor’s office, confirming information from BFMTV . The prosecutor’s offices of Meaux, Lille and Saint-Malo in particular have detached themselves from the cyber section of the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Messages are also visible on WhatsApp and Snapchat

According to the Ministry of National Education contacted by AFP, “About twenty institutions (middle and high schools) were affected in metropolitan France by messages carrying threats of attack, mainly at the Lille academy, and to a lesser extent in Créteil, Grenoble, Versailles, Normandy and Lyons ». In addition to ENT, messages are also visible ” by parents on WhatsApp »or “Snapchat”, added the ministry.

The Hauts-de-France region announced on Tuesday evening that it had done so “decided to file a complaint for every threat publicized in ENT”. Four companies have “receiving these threatening messages” at the Lille academy, by region, which determined that another secondary school had been targeted at the Amiens academy.

According to a police source, an evacuation has been carried out during “removes doubts” at places in Seine-et-Marne, La Madeleine in the North, Rillieux-la-Pape in the Rhône, Marseille, Caen and Carvin in Pas-de-Calais. Tuesday morning, recovery day after the Christmas break, high schools, colleges and schools located on the same perimeter were also evacuated to Carvin. “following the threat of explosion” against the high school, according to the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.

An investigation opens in Béthune

For these facts, which give rise “careful inspection” Diderot High School in Carvin and a neighboring college, the Béthune district attorney’s office opened an investigation by the principal “threats to commit a crime”, he announced in a statement on Tuesday. No traces of explosives were found.

According to Lille’s rectorate, the Baggio high school had been evacuated to the Flanders capital on Monday, but only the staff present, not the students, returned to school the following day. A source close to the investigation stirred up “THT account of a student who sent an email” announced that he was going to blow up the establishment. “The account owner was arrested and detained on Monday, but released because his account was hacked”said this source.

“Everywhere in France, secondary schools are the recipients of emails threatening attacks on ENT “, but “email sender is not the author”added the source is close to the investigation. “Cybercrime unit is very closely related to investigations”he said.

Valentine-Labbé high school in La Madeleine, in Nordn, was also evacuated on Monday. “A message will be sent to all principals asking them to be alert and inform the police” if necessary, appoint the rectorate of Lille. The scenario is the same in the Rhône, where the Camus-Sermenaz multipurpose high school, in Rillieux-la-Pape, was temporarily evacuated Tuesday morning after a bomb warning. According to the city hall, the threat was issued via several emails.

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