In “Who wants to be my partner? », Marc Simoncini has set very precise rules for himself

M6/Who wants to be my partner “Who wants to be my partner?” signed his return on M6 this January 4th at 9:10pm.

M6/Who wants to be my partner

“Who wants to be my partner?” signed his return on M6 this January 4th at 9:10pm.

TELEVISION – “If there is no future, there are no projects”. M6 Broadcast, “Who wants to be my partner? » signs its big payback this Wednesday, January 4 at 9:10 p.m. for its third season in which entrepreneurs will once again try to convince some investors to risk their initial money, in exchange for a share of their capital.

For this 2023 edition, the event is now being held without a presenter, but welcomes a new investor, Isabelle Chevalier, former CEO of Bio-K+ International. He was later joined by Delphine André, Eric Larchevêque, Jean-Pierre Nadir, Anthony Bourbon and Marc Simoncini.

An ardent defender of animal and environmental causes, Marc Simoncini only intends to invest his money ” in projects that impact the planet “and stop watching” no files with financial currency “, he explained in his portrait.

Near here HuffPostthe latter returns to the rules he himself set in the third season ” Who wants to be my partner? » and which he tries to respect, with a few exceptions.

“I only want to invest in this type of project from now on”

Arrived as an investor in the first season ” Who wants to be my partner? »Marc Simoncini, known as the creator of Meetic, invested for 25 years already in the company and thanks to the show, he is now successful “the job in front of the TV cameras “, he told HuffPost.

From now on, the latter pays more and more attention to the various companies in which he invests his money and also prefers some over others. ” I am very careful about the files I submit and I really want them to be files that have a real and measurable impact on biodiversity, nature, climate… I want to invest that in the project type now “. So, for entrepreneurs 59 years, entrepreneurship should be more directed to projects that care about the environment, “because if there is no future, there is no project”, he explained.

Therefore, Marc Simoncini look no further “no file with financial currency” on the show because, for him, money is only secondary. “LThe first question asked was: ‘Can we successfully solve the problem’, the second question was: ‘Are we going to make money with this?explained the founder of the bicycle company angell.

“A good entrepreneur will succeed in a bad project”

Despite having set these rules, Marc Simoncini admits that he made a few exceptions during the shooting of the show. ” For this season, I tried to apply this rule as much as possible and it was not easy. I made an exception…”. Entrepreneurs’ projects differ from one another, so it is difficult for an investor to miss a good idea and not risk money.

So, in this third season, in turn, Marine and Jean-Sébastien will present their organic rye straws, Thibaut and Jean their brand of reusable coffee capsules and Émilie will try to convince with it. Detective Box.

But despite the different projects, Marc Simoncini emphasized that in the entrepreneur’s speech, ” there is always an organic aspect, a French made aspect, a respect for the environment aspect “which doesn’t seem like it” false ” for him.

And when the start-up project is not a concern not an environmental cause, there is no question for Marc Simoncini to turn a blind eye to the bottom of the company. “Anyone can include CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in their activities even though basically it is not an impactful activity. [pour la planète, ndlr]. We must no longer start a business today that exacerbates the situation, but one that makes every effort to improve the situation… Otherwise, it is useless” he stated.

This year, although he made a few exceptions, the entrepreneur said that his favorite project ” solve major environmental problems » and that he intends to help the start-up as much as possible. ” Who wants to be my partner? “Signing his big comeback this Wednesday, January 4th at 9:10pm on M6.

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