here are the top 10 food trends of 2022!

Pasta chips, butter boards, mug cakes… What is the most viral video of 2022 on the social network TikTok? Find out the official ranking of this year’s food trends spotted on TikTok.

If you follow food trends, you can’t miss TikTok. Every day, thousands of recipes of all kinds proliferate on this social network. From the most gourmet to the most original, through the healthiest or even the weirdest, there’s something for everyone. We have also shared with you more than once the trendy recipes: homemade “healthy” cokes, puree made from chips, pasta with boursin …

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But today, we’re revealing our ranking of the most viral recipes of 2022 seen on TikTok. These top 10, submitted by Food&Wine, highlight the most consulted recipes of the year and the least we can say is that they still leave us wanting. Here are the top 10 2022 food trends spotted on TikTok!

10. Butter Board

With over 358.4 million views across all videos tagged #butterboards, butterboard ranks 10th in this famous ranking. You do not know ? It is quite simply plated topped with (beautifully presented) butter and garnished with all kinds of garnishes (flowers, herbs, fruit, etc.). We ate it with slices of toast, it was delicious!

To redo the butter plank at home you will need: 250 g of semi-salted butter, fresh herbs, spices, fruits (raw, dry, roasted) of your choice and some dried flowers. First let the butter soften at room temperature before spreading it on the aperitif board. Add your toppings and chill until set! All you have to do is serve your butter board with slices of bread or crackers.

@foodmymuse All I will say is @Justine Doiron you are an evil genius and my loving heart #butter thank you. #butterboards #butterboard #salsamacha #resep original sound – Nadia Aidi

9. Table Nachos

Have you seen the nacho table on social media? However, with 415.1 million views, it’s hard to miss… It’s just a matter of covering your table with aluminum foil before pouring in all the ingredients needed to make the famous nachos (tortilla chips, ground beef, bell peppers, melted cheddar…).

The advantage of this recipe that has gone viral on TikTok is that there aren’t many after dishes as everything is put on the table right away… And let’s be honest, this is a very original concept. average night’s nachos!!! #nachotable #nachos #friends #nightlife #food #fypシ #CompleteMyLook Celebrate the Good Times – Mason

8. Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are just small buns rolled in cinnamon. It’s no wonder this incredibly delicious recipe is in the top 10 most viewed food videos on TikTok. The hashtag #cinnamonrolls has been viewed no less than 597 million times! And yes, these cakes that come straight from North America and Europe have delighted us this year. We give you an easy recipe to repeat here, you will tell us about it.

@lifewithtuyen baking mini cinnamon rolls for the holidays #cinnamonroll #christmas #baking under the tree – c

7. Pink sauce

Discovered this summer, “pink sauce” quickly made waves on TikTok. Her hashtag has nearly 599.8 million views! However, not always unanimous… This sauce was originally marketed by a culinary influencer, Chef Pii (real name Veronica Shaw). He explained that it was the perfect seasoning for fried chicken! And the fuchsia pink color is enough to make our pupils and taste buds dream. But what exactly is pink sauce? According to the maker, the recipe is very simple: sunflower oil, dragon fruit, honey, chili peppers, Himalayan salt and garlic.

Inconsistency in the recipe, because on the label you can also see that there is vinegar and milk. In short, many Internet users have tried the experiment and more or less enjoyed it. After all, pink sauce is in the top 10 food trends of the year from TikTok (we said it, we said nothing…).

@noahglenncarter My pink sauce review #pinksauce #review #foryou All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

6. Birria Tacos

Birria tacos, quesaco? Birria is a dish of Mexican origin, and is nothing more than a stew of meat that is marinated for a long time and then cooked in stock. But on TikTok, we see taco birria 922.2 million times and we have tantalizing 922.2 million times…

This dish consists of slow-cooked beef in a spicy sauce before being shredded. Then, we dip our tortillas in this famous hot sauce and then generously garnish them with the meat and cheese before grilling them in the pan. Very simple but very delicious. This culinary trend, our taste buds really won’t forget it…

@natisakittycat whatever i see i want i can cook why am i big lol #fyp #fypシ #tacos #quesabirria #birria #birriatacos clumsy speed up sza – brake

5. Mug Cake

With its endless recipe possibilities, mug cakes have been viewed 1 billion times this year on TikTok! And how not to melt us too? To prepare a mug cake, nothing could be simpler: a mug, add all the ingredients, mix and cook in the microwave. Childlike simplicity! Whether you’re classic with a vanilla recipe, gourmet with a chocolate version or original with mug cookies, mug cake will stick with you for a very long time, we guarantee it.

@recetascondamian #oreo #chocolate #nutella #dessert #foodporn #cake #food #mugcake #mug #breakfast #mugcakerecipe #hst #chocolate #viral #fyp original sound – Owen

4. Pasta chips

Pasta chips are nothing new. Last year, we shared the recipe for making it at home. But this year, they are still a hit on TikTok due to being viewed 1.1 billion times! Crispy to perfection, so easy to prepare and so original, there’s no reason not to fall in love with pasta chips. Plus, the recipe is way too easy to make when an unexpected guest arrives at the house and you have nothing to eat.

@cookingwithbello Have you tried PASTA CHIPS yet? #PastaChips #pasta #italian #tiktokfood #crunch original voice – Angelo Coassin

3. Charcuterie Board

This year, the food trend is the charcuterie board! You certainly don’t miss the videos that are viral on this social network. They have amassed 1.2 billion views! target? Let your creativity do the talking for delicious and beautiful appetizer boards! Ham flowers, cheese, fruit, dried flowers… Everything is left to stand out and impress your guests with a “simple” charcuterie board. Feel free to continue this food trend again and again, we will never get bored…

@loverboards Reply to @nia. coming soon! #charcuterie #charcuterieboard #scarystories #cheesetok #tiktokrecipes original voice – lauren

2. Baked Oats

These oatmeal cookies are gourmand and round on TikTok this year! With 1.3 billion views, baked oats are simply cupcakes made with oatmeal and a gourmet twist of your choice! Chocolate, peanut butter, fruit and even mushrooms or tomatoes for a savory version, we enjoy the baked oats!

To recreate it at home, find our recipe here. Spoiler alert : with this easy-to-make recipe, you will quickly become addicted…

@callascleaneats The recipe on IG is one of my favorites!! #fyp #healthyrecipes #glutenfree #bakedoats #bakedoatmeal #breakfast #healthyfood original sound – Calla Ramont

1. Cloud Bread

And because of that, the big winner of the 2022 food trend on TikTok is… cloud bread! If you use social media, you won’t miss it. This magical cake, which looks more like meringue than bread (contrary to its name), is simply irresistible! No flour, therefore gluten free, and low in calories, there’s no reason not to give it up. We understand more about 3.4 billion views. Yes yes, 3.4 billion!

To make it, child’s play: beat 3 egg whites until stiff peaks, gradually add 30 g of sugar. Once the meringue has adhered well, add 10 g of cornstarch and continue beating until it hardens. Add a few drops of your choice of food coloring (for the colored version) and a few drops of vanilla flavoring. Continue beating for a few more minutes before forming meringue domes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Finally, all you have to do is bake for 25 to 30 minutes at 150°C and then allow it to cool before eating.

@matthewinthekitchen Tik Tok’s famous cloud bread is so easy to make! Recipe from @linqanaaa #fyp #cloudbread #baking #easyrecipe #bread #cooking #egg #easybaking #foodie She Shares Stories (for Vlogs) – 山口夕依

And that’s all for a retrospective of the 2022 food trends spotted on TikTok! Which is your favourite?

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