here are the dishes to eat according to your astrological sign

Our culinary tastes will depend on our personality… and therefore on our astrological sign! After all, that’s what UberEats, which launched Astro Food 2023, had to say. So, what will be your favorite dish?

Taurus, Aries, Scorpio… our culinary choices of course a reflection of our tastes, but will also be associated with our personality and therefore our astrological sign. Anyway, here’s the progress Uber Eatswho disclosed it Astrofood for 2023. On menus? Your character traits but also dishes you should order/prepare next year to match your personality as closely as possible. Find you Astrofood for 2023.

Therefore, Uber Eats questioned the stars, but also the food habits and preferences of 1,500 customers. If chirashi salmon avocado will be Taurus’ favorite dishthat Lion will have a weakness for dulce de leche pancakes and Sagittarius will fall in love with a chicken burger. In his AstrofoodUber Eats also reveals which dishes to order with the family, at work, or for convenience according to your astrological sign. In family, Therefore, Aquarius tends to want to eat beef bourguignon, while the niçoise salad would make the perfect take-out meal. In case of blues, cheesecake will be the solution! Are you shaking with impatience? Find you Astrofood under :

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Astro Food Aries by Uber Eats

Impulsive, loyal and impetuous, Aries loves anything and everything to eat on the go. An go-getter, she allows herself to be guided by her instincts which often lead her to order her favorite gastronomy: Italian cuisine. A little impatient, Aries likes to indulge once a week by ordering burgers and ice cream. And this year again, it’s the salad that’s left behind… Out of love, Aries willingly offers the other half of the sushi to share.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • As a family: an osso bucco
  • At work: poke bowls
  • For convenience: truffle paste
  • Favorite dish: burrata with pesto
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Astro Food Taurus by Uber Eats

Taurus is a great glutton, independent and he values ​​the comfort of his cocoon. Her goal: to sample her favorite gastronomy twice a month. Japanese cuisine and especially sushi will satisfy his taste buds. Frank, he wouldn’t hesitate to turn down a simple soup… On the heart side, Taurus will happily opt for a gourmet dish like truffle pizza.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • Family: beef satay
  • At work: gyoza
  • For comfort: chocolate
  • Favorite dish: salmon avocado chirashi
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Astro Food Gemini by Uber Eats

Gemini is a team bon vivant. Whether it’s summer or winter, there’s no shortage of ideas for fun. Adventurous in her choice of dishes frequenting from the 4 corners of the world, Gemini orders twice a month on average, with a definite preference for Japanese gastronomy. With Gemini, no stress! For every occasion, she has a solution to keep you discovering new dishes from bubble tea to Moroccan pastilla. Little secret: for a date she likes recipes from chefs…

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: chicken mafé
  • At work: a raw chicken and vegetable club sandwich
  • For convenience: ramen
  • Favorite dish: chicken and olive tagine
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Astro Food Cancer according to Uber Eats

A sense of sharing and hospitality is an indispensable quality of Cancer. Whether with family or friends, he always answers the call of American gastronomy. Cancer is the best friend you can have, last minute food is never a problem as they order several times a week! She’s sure to order tacos for you with her favorite dessert: tiramisu! For a romantic encounter, Cancer will try to woo you with a veggie burger.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: lunch with pancake supplement
  • At work: wrap
  • For convenience: poutine
  • Favorite dish: Nuggets with French fries
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Astro Food Lion according to Uber Eats

Proud and sunny, zodiac sign that is Leo loves the heat of summer days, even on his plate. To warm his heart during the long winter evenings, the Lion knows how to indulge himself by ordering Argentinian food several times a week: his favourite. Attentive and generous, Leo will put the plate on a large platter for his other half by ordering her a dish worthy of the greatest restaurant.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With the family: empanadas
  • At work: a fancy poke ball
  • For convenience: burger and fries
  • Favorite dish: dulce de leche pancakes
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Virgin Astro food according to Uber Eats

Organization and perfection are the keywords of Virgo. Paying close attention to the details of her life and diet, she never leaves anything to chance. Scheduled in her diary, the Virgin orders a French cuisine meal once a week during her solo dinners. In order not to deviate from her balanced lifestyle, Virgos are not tempted by desserts or sweet dishes. Virgo will let herself go at a romantic dinner of risotto with small mushrooms.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: roast chicken
  • At work: vegetarian wrap
  • For convenience: croque monsieur
  • Favorite dish: Spinach salmon quiche
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Astro Food Balance according to Uber Eats

Libra is greedy in soul even if balance remains the master of order! Several times a week, she likes to indulge in dishes with Mediterranean undertones. It is Italy that tempts him the most and especially the Italian ice cream which is not to be missed. And unsurprisingly, Arancini will be the dish. On the heart side, Libra will have a weakness for the poke bowl.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With the family: Lebanese meze
  • At work: quinoa salad with feta
  • For comfort: nutella pizza
  • Favorite dish: Greek salad
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Astro Food Scorpion by Uber Eats

Intense and determined, Scorpios order in a varied way and aspire to find the perfect dish that will satisfy their taste buds. Asian cuisine is dear to him, but it’s more specifically Thai cuisine that melts him down. That’s why at least once a week he orders Thai curry. The only affair Scorpion agrees to is having a moment together… On the menu: Spanish tapas.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: imperial cock
  • At work: salmon bagels
  • For convenience: paella
  • Favorite dish: Pad Thai
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Astro Sagittarius food according to Uber Eats

The most dynamic and fun sign of the zodiac is none other than Sagittarius! Anyone who is known on the bright side will not hesitate to order a burger in the summer or winter. A big fan of American cuisine, milkshakes are her go-to, which she treats herself to at least once a week… Despite her cooking skills, Sagittarius keeps her cool and prefers to bet on the safety of a charcuterie/cheese plate on her first date.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: chicken madras
  • At work: pizza
  • For convenience: mac and cheese
  • Favorite dish: chicken burger
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Astro Capricorn food according to Uber Eats

Ambitious and patient, Capricorn is a born leader! He’s the one who rules in life like in Uber Eats. This year Thai cuisine has dethroned Italian cuisine and marked a turning point in Capricorn’s demanding palates. Once a week, he orders Asian dishes, including ramen, his go-to comfort food after a tiring day. In love, the poke bowl turns Capricorn’s heart and soul mate upside down.

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: lunch
  • At work: pasta salad
  • For convenience: sushi
  • Favorite dish: khao phat
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Astro Aquarius food according to Uber Eats

Curious and independent, Aquarius gives himself gifts twice a month. On the salty side, the fun: spicy cooking with bewitching flavours, so it’s Indian food that stings Aquarius’ heart. On the sweet side, her real adventurous nature takes over she will fall for a delicious brookie to finish on a gourmet note. If you ask Aquarius for a dish for the first time, he will definitely answer Chinese dumplings!

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • As a family: lentil dahl
  • At work: a falafel sandwich
  • For convenience: dessert starter menu
  • Favorite dish: tandoori chicken
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Astro Food Fish according to Uber Eats

Passionate about traditional French cuisine, it is with creativity that he goes to the stove to make great food under the sign of sharing and hospitality. Every two weeks, Pisces gives himself the pleasure of sampling his favorite cuisine: Greek! From tzatziki to moussaka, Pisces know how to go big when it comes to self-indulgence. For two people, sharing is very important to Pisces, so spaghetti bolognese will win over this one!

Your dishes to order for 2023

  • With family: beef bourguignon
  • At work: nicoise salad
  • For convenience: a slice of cheesecake
  • Favorite dish: keftedes

Of course it is Astrofood should be taken with a grain of salt! But this culinary revelation could liven up future debates over a meal with family or friends to find out everyone’s preferences.

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