Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?

Games News Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle continues to celebrate the release of the cult film franchise’s latest, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Released in June in Japanese theaters and in October 2022 in France, the film introduces a new form for Gohan (say Beast) and a new form for Piccolo (say Orange). They’re available now in Dokkan Battle, but are they really worth it?


  • Up sign card?
  • To beg or not?
  • Put your Dragon Stone to good use
  • Getting Dragon Stones Easily

Up sign card?

The map’s discovery has been debated on social networks, does Gohan “Beast” live up to the expectations placed by the community? Great punching power and the “Beast” form that’s only available in active skills (i.e. techniques used only once per fight) are its strong points, but disappointing defense stats, integration issues (for good reason). the use of one’s abilities, as well as a huge appetite for KI (mandatory resources for launching special attacks and etc…) requires the right teammates to really take advantage of them.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?

Finally, players appreciate more Orange Piccolo who turns out to be a monster in the field of defense. Its protection stats, along with its specific powers, make this card the star of this movie celebration! Also, he has a colossus mode which makes him invincible for a few rounds and his damage cannot be underestimated for defensive units. However, it is not without drawbacks. Just like Gohan, he has serious integration and KI issues because of his link (a passive bonus that activates when two cards from the same team share it).

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?

Please note, however: we don’t mean this unit to be bad, far from it, but we could have had a card that was much more impactful and, in this way, more suited to the occasion (especially with regard to Gohan). For those who want more details in terms of mechanics, you can find our detailed analysis of the cards here.

To beg or not?

In the end, that’s the question everyone is asking. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, be aware that portals are currently less resource-intensive, allowing you to try summoning more. Indeed, until January 11, 2023 at 16:59, you will have a multi-summon (when you randomly draw 10 characters to try to get a new card) offered after three summons. Concretely, this means that instead of spending 200 Dragon Stones (= DS: the in-game currency that allows you to make draws) to make 4 draws, you will only spend 150.

Also note that once the sale is over, the portal to summon the two characters from the film will remain available until January 22, 2023, at 06:59.

Put your Dragon Stone to good use

It’s pretty simple because if you’re on the fence about using your DS to give this hero a try, note that there’s no rush as this portal will still be available for a few more weeks. This can give you time to look at the next portal that could potentially interest you. Second point, it has been a tradition for several years in the Battle of Dokkan to see a new year’s “boost” portal appear with promotions that guarantee the acquisition of LR cards (= Legendary Rare, the highest rarity in the game) as well as other really good ones. And that’s what happened now!

That said, these portals are actually a really bad idea: lots of cards can be summoned there, but targeting one in particular seems impossible since you have little chance of falling into it. Therefore you should try your luck only if some cards really appeal to you. In conclusion, for new players, interesting to try your luck to recover some good units that may be lost.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?

For someone who has been playing the game for a long time, encouraging you to invest your resources in it is tricky. Most of the units on offer are relatively old-fashioned, so you’ll likely own most of them. Finally, The portal’s interest lies primarily in the fact of being able to get two cards of very high rarity (say LR) for 200 DS. Again, while the idea sounds good on paper, it’s not. Most of the LRs you might get don’t allow you to complete the very difficult events currently in the game, so they don’t represent significant progress in your boxes (your card collection). And again, considering the number of cards in the detector, it is highly discouraged to invoke targeting only one card.

Going back to Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo, know that they are available in two different portals: If we let go of the affective side we can have for Goku’s son, trying your luck on the Orange Piccolo portal would be a better idea. The list of characters that can be obtained in parallel with Piccolo is better and Namek represents a real addition to your collection, which, again, is not the case with Gohan, even though his punches are very (very) hard. Let’s be clear, Orange Piccolo will be much more useful in helping you complete the most difficult events in the game (Red Zone or Max Cell missions for example).

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo so important?

Getting Dragon Stones Easily

Keep in mind that there is a lot of content to do in DBZ Dokkan Battle at the moment and they can net you some DS easily and quickly to try your luck on summons in the portal. A new Story Mode is available, called “DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO”, completing it in its entirety will earn you around twenty DS (if you complete the related missions in addition).

A new Red Zone event (the most difficult event in the game) has also arrived at the challenge. In this chapter called “Red Ribbon Saga”, you face enemies from the famous troop of Dragon Ball license. Two levels have been added for now, allowing to collect 5 DS each. Even if the Red Zone levels are generally quite high, the first two releases shouldn’t cause you any problems for now.

The Battlefield event Bataille Royale in French (special challenge) has also been updated and will give you around thirty DS. Watch out for this edition that presents a new boss, don’t forget to use cards that allow you to reduce attacks or block your opponent’s special attacks to make your job easier. And finally, still on the challenge, a new level “The Endless Story” has been added. The 23rd level called “Against the vigilante” allows you to recover about twenty DS.

This should allow you to try calling just by playing and that’s the main thing!

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