What to see at the Pyramid of crafts, in Saint-Amand-Montrond, until December

After the summer holidays, the 2022 cultural season of the City of Saint-Amand-Montrond, with its “eclectic” programme, according to Emmanuel Riotte, mayor (Les Républicains), is “plural, rich, varied and surprising”, according to Raphaël Fosset, his deputy in charge of culture, arts and heritage, will continue, on September 23, at 9 p.m., at the Pyramid of Crafts, with the famous play by Francis Veber: Fool’s dinner.


Within the framework of the Tous au théâtre festival (23 and 24 September) the comedy was popularized on the big screen in 1998 by Jacques Villeret, the unforgettable François Pignon, infatuated with matchmaking model, Thierry Lhermitte, the organizer – with his circle of friends – of “eat the famous idiots night” (Pierre Brochant), or even Daniel Prévost, the stubborn tax inspector (Lucien Cheval).
If these actors had given way – to Philippe Rolland, Pascal Boursier and Arnaud Lecomte respectively –, the dialogue written, in 1993, by Francis Veber, one of the masters of French comedy, had to hit the Pyramid’s public target. .

premium The Pyramid ticket office in Saint-Amand-Montrond is being modernized

The next day (9 pm), another comedy will be on the program: karmaby Willy Liechty, the story of Gabriel (played by Ange Paganucci) who, in order to escape his marriage, “declares himself to be a dead man…”

The end of the year will be marked by another festival, which is one of the novelties of this season, The voice of off, over three days: Notre Dame de Paris, other musicals (December 2, 9 p.m.), family circus (December 3, 9 p.m.) and You’re kidding Mr Tanner (4 December, 4 pm).

“These are creations broadcast during the festival of Avignon”, says Raphaël Fosset while lifting the veil on the artistic agenda.

“We want the cultural program to be aimed at the largest number of people so as not to please only a portion of the population, explained the elected official. I want the menu of the artistic agenda to stay true to the residents, their feelings and expectations. Maybe some things will not find their audience, we’ll see. Ultimately, we’ll note what worked, and what didn’t, according to room attendance and audience feedback.

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On a completely different list, the Magic Festival, a must on the Cher sub-prefecture’s calendar of celebrations, is returning for its eleventh edition, on November 5 and 6.

Classical theater and vaudeville

First scheduled for March 11, the tragedy phaedrus by Jean Racine will finally be offered on September 30th at 9pm.

In addition to the Tous au theater festival, the “bustling” vaudeville, His father’s daughterespecially Bruno Chapelle and Pascale Michaud, will have only one goal, which is to make the room laugh, on October 28th, at 9pm.

One person show

The presidential election may have given its verdict in April, but Guillaume Meurice has kept campaigning with his one-man show, 2022.

The comedian from public radio France Inter, the “potential for national reconciliation”, will stop at Saint-Amand-Montrond on October 8 at 9pm. Second season of “alone on stage” culture after lodie Poux, in March, at the packed Pyramids.


With their “bewitching, even intoxicating” blues music, the group Awek, which has been on the road for twenty-six years, will set fire to the Pyramids on November 25th at 9pm.
A group with an impressive CV: twelve albums, four of which were recorded in the United States; 1,800 concerts in France and abroad?; participation in prestigious festivals such as Jazz in Montreal (Canada), Tanjazz in Tangiers (Morocco), etc?; opener for Zucchero, The Yardbirds, The Blues Brothers, BB King, etc.

Concerts and performances by association

The Craft Pyramid will also host local associations.
The lively music concert, held as part of the 497th Orval Exhibition, from 15 to 23 October in Saint-Amand-Montrond, will take place on 22 October at 9 p.m.
Still for the sake of Restos du Cœur, Sam en Foire’s amateur artist troupe, Enfoirés Saint-Amandois, will take to the stage with their new show on 11, 12, 13, 18 and 19 November.

Finally, the traditional Sainte-Cécile concert by Union musicale will be held on 27 November at 3pm.

William White

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