Seine et Marne. Music within reach for the start of an important school year!

Music accessible to everyone with Music within reach ©Music within reach

Musique range is an association that has been around for more than 10 years, since its founding in 2008 by its former president, Manuel Bloch: “When I was young, I was studying engineering and I quickly realized that in the business world, there isn’t really a place to be. for artistic life. Ultimately, there is a huge lack of contact between people. “Music within reach means that music is aimed at people, with the aim of creating strong social bonds. The aim of this association is to fight against all kinds of compartmentalization that society suffers from. Music exists to integrate into local life and promote rapprochement through music among audiences of all cultures,” explains Manuel Bloch. To create social bonds, there is nothing better than organizing events, where people can meet. Manuel Bloch wants to offer the public a wide variety of music: “I bring musical ensembles, because for me, m annoying is universal, there are no limits. The goal is really to gather around the same event.

Symphony Orchestra

But the solid foundation of this association remains the symphony orchestra. About ten years before retiring, I decided to take training to become a conductor. My goal was to create a whole new group,” said the founder of Music in Reach. In one orchestra, professionals and amateurs come together to thrill the public. Among the musicians we found an amateur pianist, an amateur choir cœur joie from Avon and Saint Louis from Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne), a choir from the Veneux-les-Sablons conservatory and even a professional singer. Quickly, various shows were held and six concerts a year took place south of the Seine-et-Marne. Events are organized for adults, but also for children: “We organize music events at the Seine-et-Marne school by presenting works or instruments. The goal is to get young people to listen to and even try out music. Manuel Bloch even invites the children to come to his house so they can find keyboard instruments such as the piano, harpsichord or even the classical organ, which is his passion. Great opportunity for the youngest to discover mechanics, compare sounds and play instruments freely. Music is then no longer a dream, but a reality. Even if music remains the main basis of the association, it has opened up other horizons. Indeed, it is allied with art in general. Performances are organized around theater and music, such as George Dandin by Molière and Lully, concerts to accompany exhibitions such as the painting and sculpture salon in Ury or the painting and sculpture exhibition » Lumières et transparencies”. Solidarity concerts for the benefit of Unesco or the Fondation de France are also offered to the public. The range of music is more than just an association, it is a real family that has set a goal to give people pleasure by discovering different styles of music.


Music within reach wants to spread on a regional scale by relying on a federation of cultural associations. Seine-et-Marne has a large number of associations, which mobilize as many as possible for their territory. Paguyuban Musik tries to bring these associations together to organize coordinated activities. A good way to share your calendar and thus avoid event accumulation.

Get out your diary!

To start 2022-2023 off well, Manuel Bloch has prepared several symphonic concerts, but also other styles. For example, on September 10 at 8:30 p.m., you can sing and dance to Brazilian and Caribbean music with the group OSHALA. » I wanted to organize this concert because I really liked the style and then I found that it was little known to the general public.

OSHALA lands on Ury
Oshala group lands on Ury ©Hello Asso

This is an event that will be beautiful and which will provide an opportunity to discover elements of the unknown culture”, said the former president of the association. The group will also be performing at Larchant next month, in October. For those who like classical symphony orchestras, it is worth waiting until October 2, as performances are planned in Moret-sur-Loing.

Practical information: Travel between Brazil and the Caribbean on the Salle des Fêtes d’Ury at 8:30 pm Reservation on HelloAsso. 12€ for reservation, 15€ on site and for non-members of the association. Free for children under 12 years and job seekers.

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