Investigation opens suspicion of fictitious work in enchaîné . Canard

The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened a preliminary investigation into “misappropriation of company assets” and “acceptance”, following a journalist’s complaint from the editorial staff. Christophe Nobili, co-author of the fictional job investigation of the Fillons, uncovers the presence of Canard Enchaîné employee in an unfamiliar workforce, and turns out to be the companion of a cartoonist from the weekly.

The companion of the historical draftsman Duck

By chance Christophe Nobili discovered last year that a woman he had never heard of had a press card domiciled in Le Canard enchainé. An interesting discovery in this small editorial office which employs about twenty regular journalists, even more so for this “business” specialist. In addition to investigations into the Fillon couple’s fictitious work, Christophe Nobili has frequently handled cases of alleged financial fraud, which affected the interests of the Bolloré group in Africa, the Bouygues group in the construction of the Ministry of Defense in Africa. Paris, or Dieudonné’s financial arrangements.

Quickly, Christophe Nobili understood that the unknown editorial staff of Le Canard Enchaîné was a co-designer.r André Escaro, 94 years old today, a sign of the history of waterfowl since 1949 where he still made last spring the cabochon page 2, this little sketch that accompanies the weekly political editorial.

Damage is estimated at three million euros

André Escaro was also a member of the newspaper’s board of directors until this June 22 general meeting, which decided, in an eighth resolution, to end his term and replace him in this position with journalists Odile Benyahia Kouider and Herve Liffran. The reimbursement comes at an opportune time, a month after filing a complaint against X over the misappropriation of assets and concealment of the company, which had begun to create a commotion in corridor 173, rue Saint-Honoré.

Extract from the minutes of the General Assembly 22 June 2022
Extract from the minutes of the General Assembly 22 June 2022

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Because after this last year’s complicated discovery, Christophe Nobili naturally asked himself the question of reporting the facts to court and risking harming his own business.

A “terrible dilemma.” according to his lawyer, but silence would have made him even more intolerable, said Maître Pierre-Olivier Lambert, especially since the payment of the salary in question appears to have lasted for about twenty years and reached an estimated damages of three million euros. euro. “These facts, if found elsewhere, would soon become the topic of a page on Canard. It was in this spirit of honesty, honesty and especially courage that Christophe Nobili decided to perform this procedure.“, underline the lawyer. So on May 10, it was as a reporter that Christophe Nobili filed a complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office. His approach was not carried out “against the newspapers but against the system that will be enforced“, continued Me Lambert.

Picture of a duck without horns

Very quickly, a preliminary investigation was opened and police officers from the Paris financial brigade began their investigation earlier this summer with the first series of weekly employee hearings, sped up this past week. The leaders of the newspapers have not been summoned”about this complaint for which I know neither the date nor the subject” told the newspaper Le Monde the director of Le Canard Enchaîné Nicolas Brimo, 71 years. Although he had to be notified directly by Christophe Nobili in the spring, this step was necessary for him to claim whistleblower status.

If these suspicions of fictitious work are proven, and beyond the financial consequences of such a scam, Le Canard Enchainé’s image will be severely tarnished if the justice system finally establishes that the leaders of these newspapers did what their journalists did. reproach the other in the length of the column.

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