Overwatch 2: follow these tips if you want to take care of your skin!

news tips Overwatch 2: follow these tips if you want to take care of your skin!

The release of Overwatch 2 is slowly approaching, and players can finally start linking all of their accounts to keep their skins and progress from the first game. If you don’t want to lose everything when you launch a sequel, we explain how.

Scheduled for October 4th, Overwatch 2 is probably one of the most anticipated competitive FPS of the year. If we now know that the multiplayer mode of the game will be free for everyone and that loot boxes will disappear in favor of battle passes, there are still questions about the cosmetics that have been unlocked. Indeed, at this time, the first Overwatch did not allow cross-platform development, which means that players who have the game on several different machines cannot use unlocked items on machines other than the one they are playing on. Only, Overwatch 2 will benefit from this feature, provided you link all of your machines to a Battle.net account. Profit, Blizzard Action getting advanced and allowing all users to link their accounts today to ensure they don’t lose anything in the process. We explain how to do it.


  • One account to manage everything
  • I can’t find my account!
    • first method
    • 2nd method

One account to manage everything

Let’s start with the simplest: if you’re used to playing Overwatch on PC only, you won’t be doing anything. Indeed, your cosmetics and tokens will be automatically transferred from your game to its suite.

If you’re playing on a console or on multiple platforms at the same time, on the other hand, you should make sure that your console account is linked to your Battle.net account. If this is already the case, the next time you log into the game, you will receive a direct message on the welcome screen offering to merge all your accounts into one. The game will then detect all the machines connected to your Battle.net account, and you will be able to select the account you want to keep. Follow the instructions provided to ensure that your progress is maintained, and all your skins and tokens earned on the console will follow you when Overwatch 2 arrives.

Please note that it is only possible to save one account per machine for your Battle.net profile. In other words, if you have two Overwatch accounts on your PlayStation 4, for example, you can only choose one to migrate your content to Overwatch 2. Or, if you play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for example, it will be possible to keep both accounts. as well as all cosmetics unlocked on them, and migrate them to your unique battle.net account.

I can’t find my account!

Overwatch 2: follow these tips if you want to take care of your skin!

If when logging into Overwatch on your console, you don’t receive a message asking you to select a console account to save for the Overwatch 2 release, it probably means that your console account is not linked to a Battle.net account. To fix this problem, you can of course go directly through your account management at Blizzard website (in this case you have to click the button “+Enter” to the right of the console account you want to link), but you can also do this from the game menu:

first method

  • Launch the game on your system
  • Press the confirm button to go to the home screen.
  • Alphanumeric code and QR code will be visible
    • Alphanumeric codes can be entered at blizzard.com/link
    • The QR code can be scanned with the mobile app to take you to the linking web page, which will be pre-populated with the code provided in the game
  • Log in with your Battle.net account credentials to complete the connection between your game console and your Battle.net account.
  • You will receive an in-game message informing you that your account is now successfully connected

2nd method

  • In Options, select the Link Account tab
  • Click Link Account (A browser will open)
  • Log in to your Battle.net account
    • If you don’t have a Battle.net account, click Create a Free Battle.net Account
  • Accept the permission for the Battle.net app and click Continue to complete the connection

Once you have completed these steps, all you have to do is restart the game to see a welcome message allowing you to select the corresponding console account to save its data on in Overwatch 2. For more information on migrating this account to Overwatch 2 and what it entails, we direct you to Blizzard FAQs on the subject.

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