Food Week June 10, gourmet agenda

We treat ourselves to kebabs from Luks

Fresh and delicious, new recipe for Lux Kebab unbearable. It consists of grilled kebab meat, pistachio sauce, zucchini and pickled onions, stracciatella di Burrata, chopped pistachios, salad and a unique homemade dressing.

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Food Week June 10

We bit the Gariguette

In the form of pies or cakes, Philip Conticini make strawberry crunch in a very greedy way. Hers strawberry tree, consisting of soft Genoese bread biscuits and candied red tangy fruit, accompanied by delicious fresh strawberries, vanilla mousseline cream and marzipan. As for hers Strawberry tartcombines the delicacy of a crunchy sweet cake topped with creamy almonds, all refreshed by a lovely Gariguette cream mint underlined by candied strawberries with Javanese pepper.

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Food Week June 10

We went on a picnic without worrying about anything

“You can find everything in La Samaritaine”. In more than 35 years, the Pont Neuf brand slogan has not aged one bit. Restaurants in Samaria offer something to put together a slick and very tasty picnic with delicacy Dinner by DalloaudelicacyErnest by Naoëlle d’Hainaut & Eric Kayserhealthy bowl and juice from Source by Joy.

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Food Week June 10

We dive into the unusual

From 13 to 15 June 2022, Hendrick’s taking over Dosne-Thiers . Foundation and turning it into a wonderfully scrumptious hotel temple, reserved for all loyal followers of 5-star Scottish gin for three fabulous nights where the best Parisian bartenders will sample their creations based on Hendrick, Neptunia Hendrick and ‘Hendrick’s Orbium gins.

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Quitoque x Julien Duboué

We cook chef recipes

Julien Dubouethe talented chef from Boulom puts his best products in the basket Quitoque to make us cook 6 easy recipes to enjoy with the family. The restaurant offers 5 dishes and 1 dessert, which are selected among Boulom’s signature dishes or made for the occasion. On program: Sausage with knife stewed with tomatoes and polenta with Ossau Iraty, Carbonara asparagus and potatoes with bacon, Tomatier in strawberry plant spirit, Healthy version of Cordon bleu, Curry lentils with squid and Basque cake. These delicious recipes will be revealed one by one from June to February 2023.

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Phraya x La Cornue

We enjoyed good ice rum

that Praya Thai Rum join the brand La Cornue HouseFrench buffalo milk ice cream manufacturer, to create one of the best rum ice creams, an extraordinary ice cream that subtly expresses the rich and fruity style of rum.

The limited edition is available from June to December 2022 on the Maison La Cornue website

Gray Goose Sunday Snacks

We enjoyed the snacks provided for adults

In that rooftop solarium Molitor offer every sunday Sunday Snacks by gray goose®. In the program, a buffet of gourmet creations imagined by pastry chef Louise Riot to accompany a Classic French Mule or a Porn Star Martini. What a great time to have!

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Pine tree fruit

We tasted Bayonne

Until August 28, former Top Chef candidate Nastasia Lyard cooking up his memories of Bayonne for Pine tree fruit through 3 recipes with delicious Basque Country flavors. On the menu, Adorée Salad with Bayonne ham and lamb cheese, Sandwich with Basque ham, Lamb cheese and black cherry jam on soft cornbread and Landes tartlets with dark chocolate and black cherry jam.

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Que Gusto 2022

We fly to Veracruzu

With godmother, Amandine Chaignot and to please our taste buds, Que Gusto Festival Festivalruns from June 11 to 19 with a colorful and flavorful program that will feature workshops, conferences, dinners with 4 or 6 hands, brunch, product discovery, tropical cocktails, all topped with a good dose of chili. in honor of the state of Veracruz, the birthplace of vanilla.

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2022 Refugee Food Festival

We found flavors from elsewhere

that Refugee Food Festival back from June 7 to 26 in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Geneva, Rennes, Nantes, Dijon, Montpellier, Marseille… Nearly a hundred companies open their doors to talent from elsewhere for unique collaborations!

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